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University Facilities

Sports and Recreational Facilities  |  University Library   |   Computer System and Internet Access



Sports and Recreational Facilities

  • Fitness Center

  • Regular
    10:00-20:45(weekdays), 14:00-17:45(weekends)

    Closed on public holidays
  • Summer Vacation
    10:00-16:45 (weekdays), closed on weekends
  • Fees:
    IPASS: single entry during weekdays is NT$15, NT$30 is on weekends.
Sport Pass: you can get unlimited entry.
*Free entry between 10:00-13:45 with valid student ID. 
  • Note:
1. opens every day except for national holidays.
2. Physical Education classes and Varsity training sessions.



  • NSYSU Sports Pass:

For personal use only, with unlimited entry for all the facilities in one year. NT$300 for freshmen and exchange students;NT$600 for regular students. 

Please bring your student ID and a one-inch photo for applying for a sport pass.

Places:Gymnasium (2nd floor), Swimming pool,Tennis court

  • iPASS: Only payment method accepted in ALL university-owned sprot & recreational facilities.

Swimming pool

  • Opening hours: Fri.: 07:00-10:00/15:00-18:00/18:30-20:30
Sat. to Sun.: 15:00-18:00/18:30-20:30

Closed on public holidays

  • Fees:IPASS: single entry during weekdays is NT$15, NT$30 is on weekends. 
    Sport Pass: you can get unlimited entry.
  • Note: PE classes have priority to use the swimming pool


Swimming pool

Tennis Courts

  • Opening hours:
    Monday to Sunday: 07:00-10:00/15:00-18:00

  • Fees:

    Single entry during weekends is NT$30.

  • Note:
    1. Classes, events and athletic training have priority in the use of the facility.

    2. Closed during public holidays and bad weather condition.

Tennis Courts



University Library


  • Regular
    Weekdays 08:00-22:00
    Weekends 09:00-17:00
  • Summer & Winter Vacation
    Closed on Sunday

For more information about library locations and opening hours, see:

Circulation Policy:

  • Please present valid student ID for entry and library services.
  • Please check out books 30 mins before library close.
  • Graduates students may borrow up to 50 items and undergraduate students may borrow up to 30 items for 30 days.
  • For materials from the circulating collection, the overdue fine is NT$5 per day per item. Library users whose fines is over NT$150 cannot check out additional items until the overdue fines are paid.
  • In case of lost or damage library materials, borrower is expected to replace the original or more recent version ones.

The library is located in the center of the campus.  The main entrance is on the 3rd floor of the building. We have the printed materials and online resources that can provide you with access to full-text magazine, journal, newspaper and reference articles.  Electronic resources are also available to the community from on-campus computers.  The library offers open spaces with a wide range of facilities and study areas, designed to suit all learning styles.

NSYSU Library, the tallest building in the campus.


Computing Facilities

Computer workstations are provided for student use within the library and provide access to library online resources, the internet, and a wide range of word processing and other software. Computer workstations locate at library 1F, 3F, 4F and 10F.


Copy Machine & Printer

Card-operated copy Machines locate at library 1F, 3F, 4F, 5F and 10F for users to take photocopies, paid by copy cards which available at the Circulation Counter exclusively. Printing is available from desktop computers at library 1F, 3F, 4F and 10F.



Multimedia Services

Multi-media Services area is located on the 4th floor of the Library. The service provides materials of DVD, CD, CD-ROM covering broad subject-areas to meet those needs of different material types.



The Audio Visual Room

At 4th floor, the Audio Visual Room which can accommodate 60 persons is mainly used for library instructional programs and for group viewing. Faculty and staff can reserve this room at 4F Reference/Information Desk one month in advance. A valid NSYSU ID must be presented when making reservations.


Individual study rooms

There are 84 individual study rooms available for faculty and graduate students in the Library. Rooms can be borrowed for one single day or a month. Library users can be reserve individual study rooms for a month at the Circulation Counter or reserve online. A valid NSYSU ID must be presented when borrowing.


Seminar Rooms

The Library has 12 seminar rooms for group discussion and instruction. Seminar rooms locate from the 1st floor to the 10th floor. Seminar rooms can only be reserved by faculties for teaching or learning purpose. Reservations can be made a week in advance at the Circulation Counter. When not be reserved, rooms are available on a first-come-first-served basis. A valid NSYSU ID must be presented when making reservations or borrowing.

Computer System and Internet Access

Campus Wifi:
Turn on the wifi, and connect NSYSU

Open the browser, and log in.
   Username: student ID number, for example i123456660
   Password: same with your course selection password

More information...

Learning Plaza(1st floor):

• Regular  
Weekdays 08:30-22:00
Weekends 09:00-17:00

• Summer & Winter Vacation
Closed on Sunday

¨ Entrance:
Learning Plaza with computer system and internet-access are available at 1st floor of the library. Please bring Student ID for entrance.