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Division of Academic Exchange

Q1.  Where can I ask for English and Chinese University Brochure?
A1.  OIA provides English version of the University Brochure to international visitors and all NSYSU departments/institutes.  Please contact Ms. Amanda Lee (campus ext. 2633) for assistance.

Q2.  Can OIA help receiving visitors to individual department or institute?
A2.  In principle, OIA receives foreign visitors on university level; however, per request, we can help arranging university overall introduction and campus tours for visitors. 

Q3.  Can OIA provide free souvenir to visitors?
A3.  OIA does not provide free souvenir, please contact Alumni Service Center directly for NSYSU souvenir purchase.


Division of Student Exchange

Q1. Can I apply for the exchange program if I am not from the partner universities you listed on the website?
A1. Yes, you can apply for our school as a visiting student if you’re interested in coming to our school for one semester or one academic year.

Q2. What supporting documents do I need to submit?
A2. (1) Application for International Exchange Programs (2 pages)
(2) Application for On-campus Housing (1 page)
(3) Application for Chinese Language Course (2 pages)
(4) Application for Airport Pick-up Service (1 page)(Optional)(Kaohsiung City only)
(5) Three identical photos (1” X 1.5”) with the application form.
(6) One copy of your passport
(7) One original copy of medical examination report, which must include HIV Antibody Test and proof of positive measles and rubella antibody titers or measles and rubella vaccination certificates
(8) One copy of your proof of medical insurance, must include medicine and accident, for the first five months. (Alternatively, you can hand it to our staff upon registration.)
(9) One formal document issued from home university’s International Office if student has to leave before the end of semester. (Please state the reasons in the letter.).

 Forms download

Q3. When is the deadline?
A3. Applicants for Fall Semester (September ~ January): May 31st
Applicants for Spring Semester (February ~ June): November 30th