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Kaohsiung Think Tank – University Presidents and City Government Brainstorm
Twenty universities and colleges including National Sun Yat-sen University met with Kaohsiung City Government officials on June 18 in “Kaohsiung Universities, Kaohsiung Think Tank” discussing topics such as energy conservation, corporate internship etc. During the event, Professor Eing-Ming Wu of Shu-Te University spoke of his hope that Mayor Chen can shape Kaohsiung into a city of friendliness, a city that welcomes young talents the most throughout Southeast Asia, so that more young people will come to study and work here.

Began in 2011 and hosted by participating universities on rotation, the “Kaohsiung Universities, Kaohsiung Think Tank” is an excellent venue for the academia to exchange and dialog with governmental officials. Dr. Hung-Duen Yang, President of NSYSU, said in his speech that this meeting of local universities with the Kaohsiung City Government functions as a think tank that unites local students and career prospects into a powerful force, contributing to the development of Kaohsiung City.

Mayor Kiku Chen of Kaohsiung City remarked during her address that last year’s gas explosion highlighted the seriousness of how public safety was overlooked in the urban development process. She intended to set stricter regulations over the petrochemical industry so as to create a safer city for the public. She also called for tighter bonds between industrial development and jobs creation so that more young talents will stay in the southern region. She then invited attending universities to come up with suggestions on how to make the upcoming Global Harbor Cities Forum better, an event which will be held by Kaohsiung City Government in 2016.

Professor Stephen Tsai of the Department of Business Administration of NSYSU proposed the concept of Maker City as the means of helping Kaohsiung to transit, lower unemployment rate, improve the city’s international image and exposure rate. He believed that activating disused public spaces together with enhanced primary & secondary school curriculums will inspire social creativity. His proposal as seconded by Mayor Chen, who immediately appointed Deputy Mayor Li-Ming Hsu to oversee the making of Maker City.

Others included training more translators to assist new emigrants proposed by the Social Affairs Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government; Professor Eing-Ming Wu’s call to make Kaohsiung into a city that welcomes talents form everywhere; Director Wen Shi-Hong from the Office of Industrial Collaboration and Continuing Education Affairs of NSYSU’s suggested integration of academic resources, an idea not only will help building Kaohsiung into a Smart City in the future, but also may be applied today dealing with Dengue Fever today.

President Shieu-ming Chou of Wenzao Ursuline University aspired all unique college campuses may be featured when Kaohsiung carries out overseas marketing and offered 7 full scholarships; Dr. Hung the President of NSYSU suggested that as Kaohsiung has 28 sister cities, and local universities have sister schools, it is a good idea to integrate them together, so that the city and universities may be marketed concurrently.
Publish date : 2015-06-18
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