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8th Championship for NSYSU Dragon Boat International Team
[Office of International Affairs] National Sun Yat-sen University Dragon Boat International Team won 4 Gold and one Bronze medals from the Kaohsiung Love River Dragon Boat Race from June 17th to 20th, the best record since inception in 2008!

In the “2015 Kaohsiung Love River Dragon Boat Race”, which concluded on the 20th, NSYSU Dragon Boat International Team again won the championship in the International Mix Coed (large) category, a Bronze in the Open Coed category, and three more Golds from the first Dragon Boat Tug-of-War, Creative Style, Dragon Boat Men’s Open, Women’s and Mix Coed categories. The best ever finish for the team!

With the support from the Office of International Affairs, the International Team was founded by students in 2008. This year, led by coach Lin Xin Yiu (林星佑), foreign students Adam Jasko, Pavel Juza, Andrea Adriana Molina Perussina, Milena Jurachno, Erzhena Dugarova, Fiona Gil and Taiwanese counterparts Yang Zhi Yuan and Wu Bing Zhe began their 3-month training under the blazing sun, getting ready to repeat the success of their predecessors

This year, the International Team comprised 5 teams: International Mix, Open Mix, Dragon Boat Tug-of War Men’s, Women’s and Mix Coed. NSYSU’s International Teams triumphed in all three Tug-of-War categories; International Mix beat the 2nd place finisher HKUST Alumni Dragonboat Team by a whopping 15 seconds in both days to repeat the title. This year the International Team took home a grand total of 8 championships. Unfazed by strong competitors the Marines, Kaohsiung City Government Police Department, and Taiwan Liver Research Foundation Groundhogs, the Open Mix still finished an impressive 3rd in the final race.

Photo: International Mix Coed Championship Award
Team Photo
Warming Up
International Mix Coed Race
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