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NSYSU Pioneers Coral Mask to Help Burn Injuries
The research team led by Professor Zhi-Hong Wen of National Sun Yat-sen University’s Department of Marine Biotechnology and Resources in collaboration with National Taiwan Marine Biology and Aquarium’s researcher Ping-Jyun Sung, succeeded in farming soft corals and has developed the world’s first face mask imbued with extracts from the harvest. Animal testing showed coral extracts were able to accelerate the healing of burn wounds and atopic dermatitis over a period of 2 weeks. Should human testing also produce similar outcomes, coral used as an effective treatment for burn injuries and skin allergies may be expected.

In the past, imported skin care brands have introduced products containing soft coral extracts. However, harvesting corals from the wild is considered ecologically destructive and unsustainable. Professor Wen said his team has developed a soft coral farming that is controlled and monitored with natural seawater. With it, they were able to create a sustainable farm that closely resembled a natural marine environment free of pollution and antibiotics.

Unwilling to experiment on his students, Professor Wen volunteered himself and wife as human subjects trying on the masks everyday. After six months, the couple’s skin is white and supple and exceptionally young looking.

Wild coral has been used in skin care for more than 20 years. Coral has a NT 40 million market as a raw material; the output of skin care products derived from it is valued at more than NT 3 billion a year; and related royalty as high as NT 20 million. The commercial potential from “Ocean Drugstore” is endless, according to Professor Wen.
Publish date : 2015-07-20
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