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Research in Ocean Acidification Rate Appears on Top International Journal
Ocean acidification occurs at different rates? A paper by NSYSU Department of Oceanography appears on top international journal

NSYSU’s Professor Chen-Tung Arthur Chen of Division of Marine Chemistry and Geology and Post-Doctorate Researcher Hon Kit Lui’s joint research was published on the Scientific Reports, a leading international journal of the Nature Publishing Group. Professor Chen took pride by noting that their paper was completed using a “simple” regression method and very little research budget.

In the “Deducing Acidification Rates based on Short-Term Time Series”, the co-authors explained ocean acidification was caused by the acidic gas CO2 and proposed a new calculation method of deducing the rate of acidification using oceanography, thermodynamics and statistics. The consequences of increasing emissions of carbon dioxide threaten to alter the chemistry of sea water and change life in the oceans, as prompted the United Nations to list this as one of its primary scientific research topics.

The thesis indicated the key to predict how much impact acidification has on aquatic ecosystem is to examine how fast our oceans are turning acidic. Previous methods calculating acidification rates were affected by strong seasonal variations, sampling distribution and long term time series (for example longer than 20 years). As the number of long term time series stations are very limited worldwide, hence investigations into ocean acidification have been largely limited.

Also, traditional methods sometime showed that waters in certain regions acidify faster than others, or even have become alkaline. Not only is the new breakthrough method proposed by the co-authors unaffected by the above factors, it is suitable to be used on a short-term time series, as well as correcting the record of uneven sampling distributions. The new method can also increase the number of measuring stations and their distribution, so as to afford us a complete look into the consequences of ocean acidification.

Before CO2 and global climate changes become the focus of the world, Professor Chen has already dedicated himself into related researches and published more than 300 papers, many of which were on top-rated journals such as Nature and Science. Aside from being a professor at NSYSU, he vice chairs the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP). Dr. Lui, under his mentorship, also focuses his researches on global changes and carbon cycle.

Photo: Professor Chen-Tung Arthur Chen
Post Doctorate Researcher Hon Kit Lui
Deducing Acidification Rates
Publish date : 2015-08-10
  • Professor Chen-Tung Arthur Chen
    Professor Chen-Tung Arthur Chen
  • Post Doctorate Researcher Hon Kit Lui
    Post Doctorate Researcher Hon Kit Lui
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