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First Alumni Entrepreneur Receives Honorary Degree
Publish date : 2017-01-16
NSYSU have recently hosted the award ceremony conferring the honorary doctorate degree on Dr. Chin-Nan Hsieh, the chairman of Lung Ching Steel Enterprise CO., LTD. , also the alumni of the NSYSU Executive Masters in Business Administration (EMBA) program. As Hsieh has paid long-term concerns to the facilities and development of the campus and became the role model for alumni interacting with NSYSU, he is the first NSYSU alumni to accept this honor. Under his guidance, Lung Ching Steel Enterprise has also become the leading company in the industry of its kind.

In his speech, Hsieh humorously said that his experience in NSYSU is similar to meeting a kung fu master. Under the instruction of the professors, his “academic kung fu” strengthened daily. Combined with his own practical experience, he can become invincible with no opponents. Hsieh thanked NSYSU and other alumni’s full support, and claimed that “NSYSU equals family.” NSYSU President Ying-Yao Cheng and Dean of the College of Management Shyh-Jer Chen highly appreciated Hsieh’s outstanding contribution in both the industry and education.

On the topic of one’s possession and contribution, Hsieh has his own “dam of wealth” theory: the wealth that one can possess is similar to water in a dam. If the water level is too high, it will flood; if one can timely discharge the water, it not only levitates the pressure on the reservoir, but also benefits those in need of water. “Do not ask what NSYSU can give to you, but ask what you can give to NSYSU” Hsieh said. He felt that he should give back to NSYSU because he has received endless support through the solid training and abundant resources at NSYSU EMBA. Thus, after entering NSYSU EMBA, he has vowed to contribute to NSYSU.

Hsieh established Lung Ching Steel Enterprise in 1975, and maintained his philosophy “top quality” through striving for improvement in production and techniques. He felt that running a business is similar to running a marathon, especially for the manufacturing industry which needs continual investment. “I believe that in a marathon, you need to be in the lead, because if you fall behind, it will be very difficult to catch up,” he said. Upholding this belief for over 30 years, Lung Ching Steel Enterprise has always led the industry with its diversified and high quality products. Due to the recent rise of steel industry in China, Hsieh also constantly think about innovation and transformation of the industry.

Hsieh thought that alumni should serve as the salespersons of their alma mater. Besides Hsieh, his family members also strived to promote NSYSU, including his sister, brother-in-law, two daughters, all of whom are alumni of International Executive Masters in Business Administration (IEMBA) program, and his wife (alumni of EMBA program). Hsieh’s emphasis on education is not limited by national boundaries. Hsieh often donates to schools in Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka for construction of classrooms, which offered immeasurable support and opportunities for education in these areas.

Hsieh has graduated from NSYSU EMBA almost 20 years ago, but his devotion and care towards NSYSU is ceaseless. He has been the president of the NSYSU Alumni Association, and established the Kaohsiung NSYSU Alumni Association and NSYSU Outstanding Alumni Association. He has twice served as a council member of NSYSU Presidential Election Council, and twice as members of University Endowment Fund Committee and University Development Committee.
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