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NSYSU Student Volunteers to Promote Taiwan-EU Culture Exchange
Publish date : 2017-02-20
The NSYSU European Union (EU) Centre encourages international student volunteers to serve 12 junior high schools and elementary schools in Kaohsiung through culture exchange projects. Over 2000 junior high school and elementary school students have attended the culture exchange and gained abundant knowledge on European culture and better understanding of the European Union.

The NSYSU EU Centre has initiated the Taiwan-Europe Cultural Exchange and Community Service Scholarship since 2012, encouraging students from Europe and Taiwan to form teams and organize Europe culture lessons. These rich culture classroom activities allowed junior high school and elementary students to learn more about other countries in the world. The international student volunteers are from different countries, including France, Netherlands, Slovakia, Ukraine, Turkey, Ecuador, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Kulish Olha from Ukraine prepared traditional snacks and presented Ukraine currency, postage stamps, and books to allow Taiwanese students to experience Ukraine culture. Eda Kayadibinlioglu from Turkey invited students to learn Latin dance in class, which not only helped to gain motivation to learn but also made a deep impression on students. The teachers in the junior high schools and elementary schools were also amazed by the volunteers’ preparation.

Julio Leon from Ecuador expressed that though they had some difficulties at the beginning due to cultural differences, he and his team worked hard to overcome the challenges, and gained valuable friendship. Even though the student volunteers are all from different cultural background, they have cultivated strong ties after forming teams, brainstorming, and communicating.

The NSYSU EU Centre was established in 2009 and focuses on five main areas: culture, arts, service, teaching, and research, through organizing cultural exchange opportunities between European and Taiwanese students. The centre has hosted more than 35 large events with participation from elementary and secondary school students in Kaohsiung, college students of other countries, government sectors and organizations in the industry. The EU Centre is the winner of the 2015 French-Taiwanese Cultural Foundation Award, which recognized the centre’s effort and contribution in the five main areas. The culture exchange project received not only extensive positive feedback and encouragement from collaborating organizations but also appreciation from students who emphasized their strong will to invite their friends to participate. The NSYSU EU Centre hopes to continuously engage more organizations in Taiwan-EU collaboration and culture exchange.
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