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International Youth Consulting & Internship Center launched in strategic alliance with MIRDC
Publish date : 2017-03-27

In order to increase industrial collaboration, support the new southbound policy, and cultivate new international talents, the “International Youth Consulting & Internship Center” is established by NSYSU College of Management in alliance with the Metal Industries Research & Development Centre (MIRDC).

Through the alliance, the center serves to intensify bilateral communication between NSYSU and the industry in terms of policy, research, and instruction, which aims to become the new hub of industrial collaboration and talent cultivation.

San-Pui Lam, Deputy Dean of College of Management, Jen-her Wu, former Dean of College of Management and MIRDC representative, Yang Min-Lang, attended the center’s inauguration. San-Pui Lam indicated that “the consulting projects and internship will strengthen industrial collaboration and retain more international elites in Taiwanese domestic enterprises. In the future, the center will actively seek for similar collaboration projects and continually enhance the depth of industrial collaboration.”

Yang Min-Lang, MIRDC representative, also stated that “in order to echo the enforcement of the new southbound policy, there should be more collaboration between industries and the academia.” “NSYSU is an important research institute in Southern Taiwan and has outstanding performances in industrial collaboration,” said Yang. Yang hopes to provide more practical service and to Taiwanese industries through the collaboration with NSYSU College of Management.

The center evolved out of the Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP) funded by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and being executed for two years. The program brings international MBA graduates and domestic students in groups to help local companies through business consulting services and has reached exceptional outcomes. For instance, a student from the United States ended up being officially hired by the collaborating company. Upon the referral of the center, an Indonesian student who had completed the TEEP has been hired by a company to work at its Thailand branch.

Chao-Hsien Sung, NSYSU College of Management assistant professor who is in charge of TEEP, highlights that the 2017 TEEP has initiated. TEEP will select the most outstanding international and domestic students from applicants all over the world and cohort to groups to provide consulting projects for companies. The center invites all domestic companies to join the project! Project link:

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