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Professor Jentaie Shiea Receives MOST Award for Outstanding Contribution in Technology Transfer
Publish date : 2017-04-20
NSYSU proactively promotes the technology transfer of R&D results to industry, in combination of industry demands and academic research to develop derivative competitiveness. The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has recently announced the winners of 2016 Award for Outstanding Contribution in Technology Transfer, and Professor Jentaie Shiea of NSYSU Department of Chemistry was awarded with the project “A ionization device of multi-source, for a mass spectrometry analysis system.”

The MOST Award for Outstanding Contribution in Technology Transfer is granted to researchers and research teams that are actively devoted to R&D technology transfer and achieve significant contributions. Institutions with those who execute the MOST funded projects deriving with R&D results and completing technology transfer with a sum of benefits over NTD one million, generated through the licensing of technologies, are eligible to apply for the award. Each technology transfer case that wins this award will receive NTD 150,000 and a medal for each researcher.

The NSYSU Office of Industrial Collaboration and Continuing Education Affairs stated that in order to encourage more faculties to engage in industrial collaboration, NSYSU has formulated various incentives, including industrial collaboration subsidies, support on key industrial collaboration and technology transfer, multiple pathways for faculty promotion, and increased ratio of academia-industry collaboration in faculty evaluation and promotion.

In 2015, the Rapidsure Technology Corporation was established in joint ventures with Regain Biotech Corporation of Foxconn Technology Group through investment with the contribution of intellectual property from Shiea’s research. Shiea has licensed related patents and the technology of mobile ambient mass spectrometry (MAMS) to manufacture food safety detectors, which has elicited investment from renowned enterprises. Shiea’s research technology transfer not only increased industrial market sense but also serves as a rare role model of enterprises and university spinoff company collectively working on innovative research findings. Ultimately, the research findings can improve food safety and health protection of Taiwanese people.

The MAMS technology can instantly detect whether everyday products including cosmetics, food, and drinks contain chemical additives such as pesticides, melamines, plasticizers, or preservatives. The 3-second screening process enables massive sample screening. This innovation can serve as a gatekeeper of food safety, assist enterprises in facilitating the implementation of source management policies, and allow enterprises to conduct autonomous management and risk evaluation.
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