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NSYSU Joins Hands with IO RAS in Ocean Exploration
Publish date : 2017-05-01
NSYSU has recently signed an MOU with the P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IO RAS), signifying an initiation of international collaboration in underwater inspection instrument development, seafloor survey, and related technology exchanges.

NSYSU President Ying-Yao Cheng stressed that NSYSU will invest NTD 20 million in large scale underwater technology research and talent cultivation; areas including deep ocean current power generation, methane hydrate surveys, monitoring of current changes in Taiwan, and underwater cultural heritage discovery can be expected to become components of the collaboration.

A research team led by Dr. Yang-Yih Chen, NSYSU Senior Vice President has recently developed the only Kuroshio current energy generation technology in the world, which can become one of the sources of alternative energy in the future.

Chen stated that the IO RAS possesses the top technology for underwater inspection. For instance, IO RAS owns two “Mir” self-propelled deep submergence vehicles, which can dive to a maximum depth of 6,000 meters. These two vehicles can thus investigate around 98% of the ocean floors around the globe. Lately, the “Mir” has conducted numerous underwater expeditions, including the underwater heritage investigation of the German Bismarck battleship and the Titanic, and even the survey of the Arctic ocean floor. In the near future, NSYSU research teams will head for Russia and initiate technological exchanges.

Peter Zavialo, Deputy Director of IO RAS, expressed his appreciation for NSYSU’s longtime devotion to ocean research. He mentioned that the scenes of the underwater shipwreck in the Titanic movie can be attributed to the cutting edge technology of the “Mir” self-propelled deep submergence vehicle. The two vehicles have dived to the location of the Titanic shipwreck to explore and record videos of the shipwreck. In the future, NSYSU and the IO RAS will conduct comprehensive research exchange in the development of underwater submergence vehicles, including Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) such as underwater camera, lighting system, sonar system and robotic arms.

NSYSU stated that the enhancement of underwater investigation and marine salvage is of crucial impact to underwater culture heritage. The oceans around Taiwan contain profuse submerged vessels because of the colonization and immigration history. Numerous shipwrecks and underwater heritage can especially be found in Penghu Channel and near Pratas Island. The underwater culture heritage of Taiwan should thus be highly valued.

NSYSU has already established the only “Advanced Professional Program on Underwater Cultural Heritage” in Taiwan to cultivate professional talents. The courses include underwater archaeology, reuse of underwater cultural heritage, marine related laws and advanced diving surveying, and underwater engineering investigation data processing. The international collaboration will allow more opportunities to unveil the mysteries under the sea.
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