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NSYSU and Jiu Zhen Nan Establish Brand Research Center to Head South-Bound
Publish date : 2017-05-14
NSYSU recently joins hand with Jiu Zhen Nan (JZN) Pastry Limited and establish NSYSU JZN Brand Research Center. The center is the first brand research center in Southern Taiwan launched via the collaboration of a top academic university and the enterprise. NSYSU hopes that in the future, the center can invite renowned international and domestic enterprises to NSYSU and share their business strategies, and facilitate more opportunities for academia-enterprise collaboration through the exchanges.

Dr. Ying-Chung Chen, NSYSU Senior Vice President, stressed that it is hard to establish and build a brand. Chen hopes to strengthen the bonds between academia and industry and allow NSYSU and JZN to collaboratively move towards the international market. Dr. Shiow-Fon Tsay, NSYSU Senior Vice President, further explained that in the future, the NSYSU JZN Brand Research Center will combine resources from general education and cultivate new talents. Tsay presented Eric H. C. Lee, JZN chairman, with NSYSU President Ying-Yao Cheng’s calligraphy as a special gift to thank him for his support of higher education.

Lee indicated that Bangkok has the potential to become the next Tokyo; Taiwan can learn from many of the identity, design, and marketing methods of Bangkok brands. Lee stated that JZN may reach its marketing to Thailand. “We can market through e-commerce rather than solely relying on brick-and-motar,” Lee said.

Lee also mentioned that in the past, Thailand has focused on agriculture, light and heavy industry, but now the focus has shifted to talent cultivation, technology, education, culture, and innovative industries. There are numerous food and fashion brands in Thailand, where business strategies can be valuable references to Taiwan’s enterprises. Taiwanese enterprises can also share their experience with the Thailand brands and engage in international exchange.

Lee bluntly stated that the most difficult problem that exists in the current market is “short-term interests”; that is, everyone wants to succeed immediately and gain instant profit. Yet, marketing a brand is similar to educating a child, both of which need long-term devotion. Lee hopes by integrating NSYSU’s research capacities, international resources and JZN’s hundred year business experience, the NSYSU JZN Brand Research Center will deliver the key values of “profit requires more than just ideas,” “cultivating a brand in one place patiently,” and “quality is the foundation of a brand” to the public. 「

Amb. Piroon Laismit, the Executive Director of the Thailand Trade and Economic Office, congratulated the inauguration of the center in Thai language. He mentioned that Kaohsiung is the city which is closest to the South Asian countries in Taiwan’s new southbound policy. As the top university in Kaohsiung, numerous Thai students enrolling in NSYSU; the center will serve to bridge the gap between academia and industry, Laismit said.

The NSYSU JZN Brand Research Center will focus on instruction, promotion, research, and development on branding. The center will also assist industries in enhancing marketing strategies and abilities. Besides investing in NSYSU’s facilities, JZN also provides scholarships for students to fulfill their dreams. Dr. Fen-Hui Lin, center director and NSYSU Department of Management Professor, stated that the center will host 5 “JZN brand seminars” each year by inviting international brand leaders as the speakers to share their experiences. In the future, the center will also provide consulting services to local industries.

In order to address the recent international economy market, Taiwan’s industry structures have proactively shifted. The competitiveness of brands has become crucial in promoting corporate identity and increasing profit. To highlight the value of brands to the public, industry, and academia, the establishment of the related organization is key. NSYSU stresses that there is no similar organization in Southern Taiwan, and hopes enhance the standings of local brands through facilitating understanding, research, and application of brand and marketing strategies by the establishment of the center
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