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Nurturing Talents, NSYSU Introduces 7-Year Combined Degree
Publish date : 2017-05-21
To cultivate the next generation of researchers, NSYSU has launched the “3+1+3” seven-year talent cultivation combined degree program starting this spring semester, 2017. The program includes three years to obtain a bachelor’s degree, one year for a master’s degree, and three years for a doctoral degree. The program also provides scholarships to students who have already determined a clear research direction when they enter the program. NSYSU President Ying-Yao Cheng emphasized that local PhDs can have as much research potential as those who studied abroad. To select and promote excellence, in the future, NSYSU will prioritize the employment of PhDs cultivated via the 7-year combined degree program.

7-year combined degree program includes: three years to complete bachelor's degree and pass the entrance exam (application) into the master's program; application for direct entry to doctoral program in the first year of graduate school; and completion of doctoral degree in another three years. After graduation, the students can exchange to renowned universities abroad to engage in post-doctoral research for two years. In their master's studies, the students can apply for a scholarship from the school, each student may be granted 40-80 thousand NT dollars. The students will also be awarded 30 thousand NT dollars each month during their three years of study in the doctoral program. NSYSU also provides a complementary support system for students who go abroad to conduct post-doctoral research. Through the 7-year combined degree program, NSYSU hopes to broaden doctoral students' international perspective and strengthen their research experience.

The program also encourages interdisciplinary learning. NSYSU Office of Academic Affairs highlighted that 17 departments in NSYSU participated in this year’s program. Most departments are open to application for students from all fields of study, while a few are open to the application for students in the same college. The goal is to promote students to participate in interdisciplinary learning in different systems and cultivate students' ultimate creativity and interdisciplinary applications.

NSYSU has already signed MOU with 181 international universities, which allows students in the 7-year combined degree program to go on exchange at any stage of their study plan and to be able to utilize learning resources at world-renowned universities covered by NSYSU tuitions.
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