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NSYSU Visit Enhances Kaohsiung-Seattle Academic, Cultural, Industrial Linkages
Publish date : 2017-05-24
Dr. Yang-Yih Chen, the Senior Vice President of National Sun Yat-sen University, has recently led a Kaohsiung Delegation to Seattle, Washington, USA for marine studies and industry exploration. The delegation comprises representatives from the University, the field of Oceanic industry, and Port of Kaohsiung. The visit served to enhance the academic, cultural, and industrial linkages between Kaohsiung and Seattle, promoting the sister city and sister port friendship between the two cities and ports, and strengthening the relationship between NSYSU and the University of Washington.

Dr. Yang-Yih Chen stated that Seattle was similar to Kaohsiung, because it had the cosmopolitan outlook of a seaport city with its livable, colorful, and exciting activities for the residents and visitors. He was honored to represent the Mayor of Kaohsiung, Chen Chu, in a visit to the Mayor of Seattle, Edward B. Murray. The extensive discussion with Mayor Murray focused on the cooperation of bilateral ports and the management of city disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and underground pipeline explosions. Both sides happily promised to visit each other again in the near future.

A wonderful outcome of the visit was the growth of the academic collaboration with the University of Washington. Dr. Chen gave a presentation on the topic of Power Generation from Kuroshio Current in Taiwan at the Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle, which attracted attention from many audiences. Two participants from the University of Washington invited the delegation to visit their Applied Physics Laboratory that afternoon. They promised to start future collaboration in the development of marine renewable energy generation, and it was believed that the future cooperation would bring huge advantages for both universities.

A meeting with Washington State’s Lieutenant Governor, Cyrus Habib, and Senators Bob Hasegawa and Steve Conway, was another highlight of the visit. Lieutenant Governor Habib is a cancer survivor and is fully blind. However, he is the first and only Iranian-American official to have such successful political career in the U.S. He mentioned that his parents’ emphasis on his education and the abundant opportunities that the U.S. system provided contributed to his success. He is truly an extraordinary example illustrating the value of civil rights of which Americans are so proud of.

The Kaohsiung Delegation to Seattle led by the National NSYSU was a successful journey, both diplomatically and academically. It will be recorded as a significant international exchange event in the history of NSYSU.
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