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NSYSU-NDU Collaboration in Marine Sciences Research
NSYSU College of Marine Sciences has recently signed a cooperation agreement with National Defense University Chung Cheng Institute of Technology (NDU CCIT). The academic teaching and research collaboration will be based on resource sharing, joint faculty appointment, and joint graduate student supervision to enhance research in marine technology, applied research, and underwater inspection instruments. The future calls for more research exchange and collaboration in underwater communication technology, object tracking technology, hydrographic surveying, remote sensing, and marine natural products.

Dr. Chau-Chang Wang, Dean of NSYSU College of Marine Sciences, indicated that NSYSU College of Marine Sciences strives to develop key components technology in marine sciences and that he highly looks forward to NSYSU and NDU’s collaborative effort in improving the development of marine technology in Taiwan. The collaboration includes distance learning for courses in Hydroacoustic detection systems, underwater inspection instruments, and marine technology as well as development of courses in atmospheric sciences, and anticorrosion and antifouling of the marine natural products.

The cooperation agreement was signed in witness of Chairman Wen-Lon Cheng of China Shipbuilding Corporation (CSBC), Director Yeong-Kang Chen of National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST), Vice Presidents of both schools, research teams of CSBC and NSYSU, and students and faculty members of NSYSU College of Science and College of Engineering. The cooperation agreement has initiated a new platform for resource sharing and collaborative research on marine sciences. To enforce the Autonomous National Defense Policy, NDU CCIT cultivates technology talents on national defense, to build up Taiwan’s own technology autonomy. General Yuan-Yu Jin, Dean of CCIT, encourages students to optimize professional knowledge and contribute to national defense. General Jin believes that under the collaboration platform, the research resources will be more effectively integrated among industry, government, academia, and research to thoroughly implement the Autonomous National Defense Policy and strengthen the defensive combat power.

Chairman Cheng of CSBC has also given an exceptional speech on the topic of “Development and Industrial-Academia Collaboration Plans of CSBC.” The speech illustrates the history of shipbuilding in Taiwan, ship designs, the construction of 208 vessels in 23 designs including cargo ship, the honor of being listed on the “Significant Ships” of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects (RINA) in England from 1998-2016, and the business strategies on future academia-collaboration.
Publish date : 2017-06-08
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