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NSYSU-UCSD Bilateral Research Symposium Convened in UCSD
Publish date : 2017-06-26
The third NSYSU-UCSD Bilateral Research Symposium recently convened for the first time at California. The symposium was organized by the University of California San Diego and focused on Photonics and Materials, Marine Science, and Social Sciences. NSYSU Senior Vice President Yang-Yih Chen led a total of 42 NSYSU participants to the symposium, including administrative team, faculty members, and students. Over 200 participants engaged in the symposium through attending the keynote speeches, plenary session, breakout sessions, and poster sessions. NSYSU gave keynote speeches on the topics of“Multi-Gbps Massive MIMO for Next-Generation Mobile Devices and MIMO System Performance Verification” and “The Pilot Field Experiment of kW Current Energy System at Kuroshio Current in Taiwan,” which attracted a lot of attention and positive responses.

After the symposium, Professor Yi-Jen Chiu, the chair of NSYSU Department of Photonics, and numerous faculty members of the department devoted much time and effort discussing future collaboration opportunities with related departments at UCSD. For example, the team discussed signing an MOU with USCD Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering to devise a more solid collaboration proposal. Bilateral visits to laboratories facilitating exchange and collaboration of students will be arranged this summer. The departments have also engaged in numerous collaboration projects on product technology. The NSYSU Department of Photonics is also inviting the distinguished professors of UCSD as honorary professors with NSYSU.

NSYSU College of Marine Science has academically interacted with UCSD SIO for years. Professor Yu-Huai Wang of NSYSU Department of Oceanography, Professor Chih-Chuang Liaw, and Assistant Professor Hsiu-Chin Lin of NSYSU Departments of Marine Biology and Resources have already published several papers in collaboration with UCSD scholars. Taking the chance to engage in face-to-face interaction in the symposium, Associate Professor Linus Y.S Chiu of NSYSU Institute of Undersea Technology has proposed a new collaboration project with UCSD scholars, which will start in July. In addition, Director Chia Chen Wang of NSYSU Aerosol Science Research Center engaged in a comprehensive discussion with Director Kimberly Prather of UCSD Center for Aerosol Impacts on Chemistry of the Environment and visited the center’s laboratory. Future collaboration on aerosol research may be proposed. Also, dual degrees with UCSD School of Global Policy and Strategy is proposed to facilitate the inter-institutional collaboration.

NSYSU has set UCSD as a benchmark in 2009 and has signed an MOU with USCD in 2011. The two schools have since established a tight relationship with abundant outstanding collaboration outcomes. The symposium strengthened the ties between the schools and set the basis for the event to become an annual opportunity for future interaction.
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