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Students Practice Digital Marketing to Promote Small-holder Farmers
Publish date : 2017-08-13
The course “Digital Marketing” offered by Professor Ya-Ching Lee of NSYSU Institute of Marketing Communication (IMC), by connecting local resources and students to employ creativity and the knowledge and skills of digital marketing, successfully assisted the marketing of small-holder farmers and disadvantaged group.

The course transforms students’ perspectives through social engagement and increases students’ social responsibility and identification with the region. The digital marketing team of IMC helps numerous small-holder farmers and social welfare organizations. Under Professor Lee’s guidance, the students have practiced marketing strategies including Facebook Pages, strategic alliances, online and offline integrated marketing, word-of-mouth publicity, event marketing, viral marketing, and experiential marketing. Several graduate students also worked as the Facebook fan page curator and successfully boosted the pages’ numbers of likes and shares by 50-100%. With the popularity and reputation of these organizations remarkably increased, the organizations were impressed with the students’ performance and highly anticipated future collaboration.

One of the events, “Thumbs-up for Rice,” suggested that the enterprise will donate a pack of rice (600g) to disadvantaged groups for every 10 likes and shares of the post. Users can also leave comments indicating the number of packs that they would like to donate. The enterprises will help to deliver the kindness to those in need, increasing the reputation and popularity of the brand through caused-related marketing. The event attracted over 2000 participants.

Another team assisted a disabled group by designing slogans and developing an online store for their products. In addition to boosting brand reputation, the team utilized digital marketing to deliver the core value of the organization and introduced the disadvantaged group to more people. The strategy raised the sales by 75%, which greatly strengthened the confidence of the disabled in becoming self-sufficient.

Graduate student Rui-Ting Su applied what she has learned in the classroom to social welfare organizations. She hosted a Facebook event “Back to 20” inviting the elderly to join as models in fashion shows. She also uploaded the photos onto the Facebook Page and allowed the elderly to share the pictures to their own Facebook wall by scanning the QR Code. Due to the success of the event, the elderly began to pay attention to their health and body figure, became more lively and confident, and are more willingly to connect to others through the use of new technology. The digital marketing event was even shared by the Social Affairs Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government.

Professor Lee stated that marketing brings change and hope. By using creativity and digital marketing the IMC digital marketing team may expand into our society through “trust” and “communication.” The students and the enterprises have established friendly interactions to assist the disadvantaged groups, which allowed the groups’ performances to be seen by the public, aroused the public’s attention on social issues, and further concentrated students’ cohesiveness towards the region.
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