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Shipping Container Entrepreneurship Base Inspired by Steve Jobs Officially Unboxed
Publish date : 2017-08-26

While Steve Jobs started his career in a garage, NSYSU offers the Startup Container to start students' businesses. NSYSU has invested over NTD 10 million and spent three years in establishing Taiwan's only Startup Container that boasts an official construction permit. To support the entrepreneurship of alumni, staff, and students, NSYSU President Ying-Yao Cheng announced at the inauguration ceremony that NSYSU will allocate NTD 100 million from the endowment fund to establish the NSYSU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund.

The two-story building stands within the NSYSU campus and is built with 10 FEUs. The building is painted with red, yellow, and blue, symbolizing passion, hope, and dream. NSYSU Vice President for Industrial Collaboration and Continuing Education Affairs Zhi-Hong Wen stated that the Startup Container is established upon the passionate donation and assistance of numerous alumni, including NSYSU General Alumni Association President Tsai-Hsin Cheng and Darmaw Construction Chairman Chein-Jung Chen. The image of cargo containers is selected as the startup base because it not only represents NSYSU but also has the characteristics of Kaohsiung as a marine city.

President Ying-Yao Cheng mentioned that small startups often lack of funding to last through the early stages. Other than the SYS Ventures established by alumni, NSYSU will further form an interdisciplinary “NSYSU Hundred Million Innovation Investment Fund Committee” which will evaluate the potential of students’ startups at different stages and assess the amount of investment the school should provide. Each team is eligible to a maximum of NTD 10 million support fund, which allows the creativity on campus to flourish into innovative values and not be restricted by the budget. The committee can also help to cultivate innovative talents, enhance local ties, and facilitate industry upgrades.

NSYSU Entrepreneurship Centre Director Jasper Hsieh indicated that NSYSU has cultivated nearly 50 startup teams since 2015. One of the teams, “Sea Theme International Biomedical Technology Limited,” a university spin-off company, is the first startup in Taiwan that is established collaboratively by teachers and students and registered its address at a university. In its early stage, Sea Theme mainly sold marine-based care products from the research findings of the team. Now, Sea Theme hopes to develop products incorporating the concepts of sustainable environment and quality agriculture. The team has not only won the 2016 National Innovation Award but also snatched the gold in the 20th Moscow International Salon of Invention and Innovation Technologies.

One of the Sea Theme team members, Han-Jun Hung, a doctoral student in Marine Biotechnology, recalled that in the long process of new drug development, the idea of starting a business emerged. After he discussed with his professor, Hung decided to step out and venture. Taiwan is surrounded by the ocean with rich biodiversity; if biomedicine technology can be combined with aquaculture in the innovative application of marine resources, more high-quality marine products may be developed, Hung said. In addition, being a university spin-off company can access more interdisciplinary resources for students to develop more products. Through entrepreneurship, research findings will not be bound in laboratories but will be applied to benefit and bring positive impacts to the society.

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