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NSYSU Alumni Donations for Southeast Asia Scholarship
Publish date : 2017-08-30
To cultivate talented students from overseas, NSYSU has set up the Southeast Asia Scholarship, offering a total of NTD 400,000 per year for students from Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Myanmar. NSYSU Senior Vice-President Shiow-Fon Tsay expressed that this scholarship not only enables students from Southeast Asian countries to be recruited to work for Taiwanese companies in their home countries but also support Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy for enterprises.

NSYSU’s “Hsieh Ming-Chien Southeast Asia Scholarship,” is donated by EMBA alumnus Yu-jen Hsieh, the CEO of H2 Biotech Inc. Mr. Ming-Chien Hsieh, Yu-jen Hsieh’s father, a successful entrepreneur, wished to benefit students . The scholarship selects 10 outstanding Southeast Asian students every semester and provides each recipient with NTD 20,000 scholarship. Each year, the scholarship is to give out NTD 400,000 to encourage students.

Hsieh mentioned that local personnel is often critical for enterprises to communicate in order to enter the Southeast Asian market. However, the locals usually do not possess experience with Taiwanese culture. The Southeast Asia Scholarship thus can not only support students but also establish a mechanism through the connection of the alumni enterprises and education at NSYSU for students to practice what they have learned. In the future, the mechanism can introduce Southeast Asian students to work in Taiwanese companies at their home countries, create more employment opportunities, and in turn enforce the industry’s Southbound policy. These students can also come back to NSYSU and share their experience with other students, which will allow others to further understand the meaning of going southbound.

Cheng-Chun Ko, an overseas Chinese student from Malaysia, currently studying bachelor program at Department of Information Management, has received the scholarship with outstanding performance on his courses. He plans to pursue a master’s degree at NSYSU. Ko expressed that after he came to Taiwan to study, he had to earn his living through part-time jobs; with the support of the scholarship, he can concentrate fully on his school work. Ko hopes to take the role of a bridge between Taiwan and Malaysia in the future.

Another award recipient, Qing-Hui Tai is from Indonesia who studies in Department of Finance. She said that NSYSU students are all very friendly towards their Southeast Asian classmates. “NSYSU is very suitable for overseas students or foreign students,” she said. After graduation, she hopes to work in a company in Taiwan first, then bring the experience back to her home country. Tai emphasizes that she especially wants to bring the Taiwanese culture back to Indonesia. She hopes all overseas Chinese in Indonesia can learn Mandarin and be able to better communicate with each other.
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