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29th Summer Universiade 2017: NSYSU Yan-Cheng Chen Snatches 2 Gold, Ying-Chu Chen Takes Away 2 Gold and 1 Silver
Publish date : 2017-08-29
First Gold for Taiwan in the 29th Summer Universiade 2017! Yan-Cheng Chen, a senior student of NSYSU Department of Business Administration, snatched the gold in the roller sports men's 10,000 m points-elimination final. “All the hard work has been worthwhile!” exclaimed Yan-Cheng Chen. He has also come first in Men's 3,000 meter Relay for Roller Sports. Ying-Chu Chen, also from NSYSU Department of Business Administration, won two Gold and one Silver in Women's 500 meter Sprint, Women's 3,000 meter Relay, and Women's 300 meter Time Trial for Roller Sports respectively. Both students actively strive to gain honor for Taiwan.

As a senior student in NSYSU and fully devoted to the competition, Yan-Cheng Chen was asked how he kept up with both training and school work. Yan-Cheng Chen stated that NSYSU students performed well in their studies, he had also spent time on studying and is grateful for his classmates’ help. NSYSU President Ying-Yao Cheng had also immediately called Yan-Cheng Chen to congratulate him, expressing that Yan-Cheng Chen is not only the pride of NSYSU but also the pride of Taiwan.

Roller Sports made the game category for the first time in the 29th Summer Universiade; Yan-Cheng Chen snatched the first Gold on record and this is especially meaningful as the game is held in his home country, Taiwan. “I knew that the game had no Gold record yet, and we were also playing the first game. I imagined myself getting the gold. After I really got the gold, I felt all the hard work, all the pain and tears endured through training had paid off,” said Yan-Cheng Chen.

Near a thousand Taiwanese spectators went to cheer at the game. Yan-Cheng Chen indicated that the spectators were essential; he wanted to show his best to them. After the starting pistol, he transformed the excitement to the drive to win, telling himself to concentrate on the game.

Yan-Cheng Chen did everything he can to win. Yi-Ting Pan, the Nutrition Researcher at the Sport Science Division of National Sport Training Center mentioned that Yan-Cheng Chen has been under nutrient control and food ratio adjustment since March. Yan-Cheng Chen has successfully decreased his weight from 65.2kg to about 62-63kg. His body fat also decreased by 5%. This gave his body more power and became the key to his win.

Ying-Chu Chen, who is also a NSYSU Department of Business Administration senior student, has also demonstrated outstanding performance in the 29th Summer Universiade. She has won the gold in Women's 500 meter Sprint (Roller Sport) with 43.739 seconds. In the game of Women's 3,000 meter Relay, Ying-Chu Chen and her teammates Meng-Chu Li, Ho-Chen Yang, and Pin-Hsuan Tsai also successfully snatched the gold with the time record of 4 minutes 25.026 seconds. Along with the Silver that she got in the Women's 300 meter Time Trial for Roller Sports, Ying-Chu Chen won two Gold and one Silver altogether. All of the NSYSU staff and students are very proud of her.
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