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NSYSU Sailing Club Engages in Experience Exchange in Osaka
Publish date : 2017-10-24
The NSYSU Sailing Club has recently visited Osaka University for a friendly exchange. Other than visiting the vessel marine current tank and experiencing the Japanese sailboats, NSYSU sailing club has also participated in a friendly regatta with the Osaka University Yacht Club to exchange hands-on experience. The activity signifies an initiation of the sailing sports experience exchange between Taiwan and Japan.

The exchange is led by NSYSU Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Chun-Chieh Wang. The team of 12 people joined the public exchange ceremony at Osaka University Suita campus. The meeting not only emphasizes the spirit of sharing but also hopes the two schools can establish long-term friendship through the activity. Associate Professor Wang has also exchanged souvenirs with the Chair of Osaka University Yacht Club Naoya Umeda (梅田直哉). The team is amazed by vessel marine current tank that Chair Umeda hosts.

The team also heads to the Nishinomiya vessel garage to practice sailboat manipulation in the sea. In the condition of wind speed 7m/s, the team members have their first attempts at steering the Snipe sailboat. The students participate in the friendly regatta with five Snipe sailboats as the main fleet. The Osaka University Yacht Club has especially provided advice and guidance on the skills of steering the Snipe to NSYSU students; the regatta has sparked much friendly interaction among the students.

NSYSU student team leader Cheng-Hsian Wu stated that the through the exchange, he observed the discipline and efficiency in Osaka University Yacht Club’s organization, management, and execution exchange; he also felt that the Osaka University Yacht Club has abundant support from the school, alumni, and the government. Wu mentioned that much is to be learned from Osaka University Yacht Club’s maintenance of the club organization and discipline. Wu indicates that NSYSU possesses the advantage of a unique natural environment and hopes that in the future, NSYSU will have extensive hardware equipment and comprehensive administrative support to continue in hosting the exchanges. The friendly regatta will be hosted in NSYSU in February 2018.
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