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NSYSU Physics Student Awarded 2017 IEEE EDS PhD Student Fellowship
Publish date : 2018-03-31
Po-Hsun Chen, a NSYSU PhD student in the Department of Physics, has been awarded the honor of the 2017 IEEE EDS PhD Student Fellowship (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Electron Devices Society PhD Student Fellowship) and is the only recipient in Asia. Within two years, Chen has fully devoted to research and astonishingly published 7 research papers in international journals as the first author and 15 journal papers as a co-author. All his hard work has paid off and Chen shares his secret to success: Be harsh on yourself.

“I am not the kind of student who is good at studying,” Chen stated. His grades prior to university are all within the norm; “not a top student at all,” he said. At grade 12, Chen started to think about his future plans and chose to go the military school. “I went there mainly because of the tuition waiver and living allowance granted by the school. It was very helpful for me as my family is not that well-off,” Chen mentioned. He found his research interests when studying in the military school and practiced the spirit of military discipline into his research. Chen wakes up every morning at 6 a.m., eats breakfast, then studies and conducts experiments, day after day. “For two years, all I did was research, eat, and sleep,” Chen stressed. His rigid life attitude allowed him to be completely devoted to his studies. Under the lead and guidance of NSYSU Chair Professor Ting-Chang Chang, Chen has demonstrated the significant research performance of publishing 22 international journal papers in two years.

Chen humbly expressed not only his thanks to his wife for being a “pseudo-single mom” who took great care of their daughter leaving him no worries, but also his appreciation for Professor Ting-Chang Chang for his academic guidance and connections to industry resources. Chen also encourages young scholars and students that "as long as you are on the right track, be harsh on yourself and work at your own pace, you will always reach your dreams."

Each year, the IEEE Electron Devices Society awards only three fellowships to outstanding candidates in regions of Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa, and Asia & Pacific. The recipient of the Americas are mostly students of Stanford University and the recipients of Europe are mostly from the IMEC. Till now, there only has been one Asia recipient from Taiwan (NTU); Chen is the second honored recipient of this fellowship in Taiwan.
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