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Echoing Taiwan government’s strategies on particulate matters (PM) 2.5 and declaration to devote 3 trillion dollars on energy transition plans, NSYSU has just launched the first Aerosol Science Research Center (ASRC) in Asia with a spectacular inauguration.
The study “Reducing Operation Voltages by Introducing a Low-K Switching Layer in Indium–Tin-Oxide-Based Resistance Random Access Memory,” by NSYSU Department of Physics doctoral student Fu-Yuan Jin, is successfully published in the international journal, Applied Physics Express.  
NSYSU Office of International Affairs (OIA) and Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS) have recently visited numerous universities and think tanks in the Philippines, and have jointly explored with them future possibilities in strengthening academic collaboration and inter-institutional exchange.
NSYSU Assistant Professor Li-Ming Chen and his research team collaborate with Australia Monash University Professor Lennon Chang to explore the determinants and process of students’ willingness to intervene in bullying incidents. The research finds that students may not intervene in bullying because they do not perceive the incident to be severe, feel that they have neither the responsibility nor the ability, or feel that they are not friends with the victim.
NSYSU College of Social Sciences collaborates with Lee Teng-Hui Foundation and establishes the Lee Teng-Hui Center for Governmental Studies.
A recent research of locating all 3D atomic positions and deciphering the chemical compositions at the single-atom-level, with an international collaboration of Assistant Professor Chien-Chun Chen at NSYSU Department of Physics, University of California, Los Angeles, and National Center for Electron Microscopy, is published in the journal Nature and highlighted by Nature New&Views.
The NSYSU European Union (EU) Centre encourages international student volunteers to serve 12 junior high schools and elementary schools in Kaohsiung through culture exchange projects.
Presidential Education Award winner Po Ying Tseng, a graduate student of NSYSU Department of Sociology , also a patient of the Tourette's Syndrome, established the Taiwan Tourette Association. Tseng said that the first thing on the list after the establishment of the association is to host a charitable concert for children with Tourette's Syndrome. This initiation became the first public concert for Tourette's Syndrome patients in Taiwan.
Chair Professor Kin-Lu Wong of NSYSU Electrical Engineering Department has been awarded the 2016 National Academic Award (Chair Professorship) from the Ministry of Education (MOE).
NSYSU College of Marine Sciences and collaboration partners from other universities form an interdisciplinary research team to develop a series of underwater inspection instrument for surveying seafloor, under the full support of the National Energy Program-Phase I/Phase II (NEP, NEPII).
NSYSU have recently hosted the award ceremony conferring the honorary doctorate degree on Dr. Chin-Nan Hsieh, the chairman of Lung Ching Steel Enterprise CO., LTD. , also the alumni of the NSYSU Executive Masters in Business Administration (EMBA) program. As Hsieh has paid long-term concerns to the facilities and development of the campus and became the role model for alumni interacting with NSYSU, he is the first NSYSU alumni to accept this honor. Under his guidance, Lung Ching Steel Enterprise has also become the leading company in the industry of its kind.
New southbound talent cultivation policy has initiated! NSYSU President Ying-Yao Cheng and Director-general Wen Sheng Tseng of Economic Development Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government jointly inaugurated the establishment of NSYSU Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS). NSYSU will strive to become the think tank to facilitate the development of southern countries, promoting Kaohsiung as the new window towards the South while providing policy suggestions and cultivating talents.