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IBMBA student Harisatul Agustin awarded Best Paper Award of the 51st International Conference on Business, Education, Social Science, and Management

Student of the International Business MBA (IBMBA) program at National Sun Yat-sen University, Harisatul Agustin, who comes from Indonesia, was awarded the Best Paper Award of the 51st International Conference on Business, Education, Social Science, and Management, organized by Applied and Advanced Science Exchange (AASE) for her paper entitled “The Construction of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Portfolio Investment and a Comparative Analysis of ESG Portfolio Performance on Indonesia Stock Indices“.  

Harisatul Agustin is a double-degree student of IBMBA at NSYSU and the Master of Business Administration at the University of Brawijaya in Indonesia. Her research interests include the influence of corporate governance, financial sustainability, and corporate social responsibility on investor’s behavior. Under the supervision of Associate Professor Yih Jeng of the Department of Finance and Professor Suhadak of the University of Brawijaya, she proposed a very sharp research paper on ESG portfolio investment, concentrating on the emerging market of Indonesia, and hoping that this paper will influence the behavior of Indonesian investors and businesspeople.

Agustin’s research aims to build up the best performance ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Portfolios Investment and compare the portfolio’s performance with the top four indices in Indonesia Stock Exchange. As industrialization has had a negative impact on the environment, social and corporate governance issues, sustainability is becoming a concern in the world of business. “By this initial strategy, we help investors by providing information regarding 'the sustainable stocks', promote them to have capital injections, and also stimulate the corporations (business players) in Indonesia to start their sustainability efforts through ESG Performance”. For Indonesia, the concept of sustainable investment may come as a total novelty, she says.

Agustin devoted most of her time to research. “For me, this is a lesson learned that ideas could come up from whoever you met and wherever you were, but how the result would depend on the efforts poured”, she said. The Conference was an opportunity for her to exchange views, obtain suggestions and feedback from scholars of various fields and of different universities.

The scope of the International Conference on Business, Education, Social Science, and Management includes all subareas of social science. Three different awards are conferred during the conference: Student Award, Excellent Paper Award, and Best Paper Award, the last being conferred to authors whose work represents groundbreaking research. The Conference is organized by Applied and Advanced Science Exchange, a non-profit organization in Japan devoted to sharing the innovations in fields of academia.
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