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128 student teams propose technologies to address real-life problems

(Report by student journalist) The College of Engineering at NSYSU organized the 3rd Project Competition and Presentation, attracting 128 teams of students from the Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Photonics, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Department of Materials and Optoelectronic Science, and the Institute of Environmental Engineering. These contestants spared no effort to present their expertise and innovative ideas of technologies to address different social issues. For example, Pai-Ting Tsai, Chia-Yang Kang, and I-Hsun Lin of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering noticed that children living in rural areas don’t have many opportunities to practice baseball, and thus developed an application using the deep learning technology for pupils interested in this sport. This application could allow them to practice baseball via the feedback from the app’s scoring system on the testers’ pitching postures.

Hung-Jen Liao and Yu-Teng Chia, students of the Department of Photonics, dedicated themselves to solving the problem of healthcare staff shortage. They designed a non-invasive and highly precise wearable sensor for monitoring wrist flexion to improve the quality of healthcare, monitor the patients’ health status, and lessen the burden of the health service system. Ming-Sen Hsu and Che-Wei Lin, students of the Department of Electrical Engineering, came up with an intelligent monkey repeller that combined AI technology with image analysis. Basing on their unique life experience on NSYSU campus, which overlaps with the habitat of monkeys, these undergraduate students developed an image detection system to effectively prevent monkeys from stealing students’ property. Hopefully, in the future, the application of the device could be further extended to control pest for crop protection.

It is also worthy to note that, many participating teams which focused on the technology of blockchain and developed an inventory control system for unmanned stores, a speech-recognition alert reporting system, and a bicycle-sharing system. Based on the IoT (Internet of Things) technology, several students were engaged in the design of smart home appliances, energy-saving plugs, and AIoT smart garbage bins.

Distinguished Professor Chun-I Fan, Dean of the College of Engineering, NSYSU, said that from the recent project presentations, he noticed that the students are coming up with very down-to-earth ideas responding to the up-to-date industry trends. He hopes that this grand event will encourage students to engage in cross-disciplinary cooperation and further improve their projects. Hopefully these participants could commercialize their inventions and apply for patents to extend the social impact of their inventions and bring convenience to people’s lives.

The 3rd Project Competition and Presentation of the College of Engineering gathered more than 700 participants and visitors. Besides providing an exchange opportunity for technology talents of different fields, the departments also invite experts from industry, government, and academia to provide professional opinions so that students could gain a deeper understanding of the practical side of their inventions.

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