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Students address toughest social challenges in post-epidemic era in 2021/2022 Hult Prize OnCampus program


(Provided by College of Management) NSYSU Hult Prize Club has recently held the 2021/2022 Hult Prize OnCampus program. This edition’s theme was “Getting the World Back to Work”, aiming to encourage students to come up with creative proposals, create meaningful local employment opportunities in the post-epidemic era, and solve the toughest social challenges. The Competition was supported and supervised by the Office of Career Development, College of Management, NSYSU.

A total of 16 teams formed by 63 Taiwanese and international students from different professional fields – most of them studying the “Business Ethics and Social Responsibility” course at the College of Management – participated in the case competition, in which they had to come up with a social innovation idea, and were evaluated based on four standards: Completion, Innovation, Creation, and Social Impact. Student teams’ proposals, introduced in English, covered a wide range of issues closely related to daily life, including the problem of leftover food problems, urban green parks, and the reduction of electronic waste. The students shared business models and operating possibilities, hoping to have these creative ideas put into action in the near future.

The final top 3 winning teams of 2021 Social Innovation and Entrepreneur Competition were ERA, Wenergy, and PeeCa Chew. ERA set a core target of reducing E-waste pollution and built a new business model and designed a new recycling process. Wenergy focused on sustainable bioenergy and the promotion of reusing the energy under different circumstances. PeeCa Chew created a new product – PeeCa NUTRI to solve the food waste problem and help people with disabilities get back to work. ERA, the champion of the case competition will represent NSYSU in the Taiwan finals.

NSYSU Hult Prize Club invited Ms. Jessi Fu – the winner of the 2015 Hult Prize, Executive Director of HeartTalk Design Jia-Ming Tai, and Associate Professor Pei-Shih Weng of NSYSU Department of Finance to serve as judges, as well as give students feedback and practical suggestions based on their own experience. The contestants all stated that the comments of the judges benefited them a lot, and were of great help to those eager to turn their ideas into real businesses.

The NSYSU Hult Prize Club is also supported by NGGoodFood and Sunny Bubao, two companies with a mission. The first is concerned with solving the problem of food waste, and the latter – with providing employment opportunities to residents resettled after Typhoon Morakot hit in 2009.

The University hopes that social issues can arouse students’ discussions and encourage them to propose relevant solutions. The College of Management will promote ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability education, and cultivate talents with literacy in these issues.

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