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Institute of Political Science ties alliance with Quickseek to cultivate talents in political issues and thick data analysis


(Provided by Institute of Political Science) Social media community management is not only about market analysis: it also requires talents to conduct problem analysis and political and economic data analysis. A new cooperation between the Institute of Political Science (IPS) and Quickseek Inc. lets students discover the “blue ocean” of community management. Director of IPS Professor Frank Cheng-Shan Liu has recently signed a letter of intent on cooperation in talent cultivation with Quickseek General Manager Mr. Jung-Chang Li. This demonstrates that the innovative public opinion industry is paying more attention to social science talents to analyze political issues across different fields.

Director Liu explained that public opinion data includes both thick data from public opinion surveys and real-time big data from text mining. Besides collecting and analyzing data, it is necessary for new generations of data scientists to correctly interpret and make the data meaningful. The internship program, a cooperation between NSYSU IPS and Quickseek is targeted at talents who have received basic training in data interpretation and analysis at NSYSU. Students who completed the Microprogram in Political and Economic Big Data from NSYSU IPS or have received more than one year of training in data collection from the online polling platform smilepoll.tw will be given priority for recommendation to participate in the employment internship program at Quickseek.

Quickseek General Manager Jung-Chang Li said that in recent years, his company has paid more attention to social science students who have the ability to interpret polling data. “The professionalism of NSYSU IPS in cultivating polling talents was well noticed.” He further pointed out that NSYSU IPS trains talents with a basic ability to explore the truth of problems and ask the right questions, analyze and interpret data, who show a strong interest in deciphering social issues and are able to write independent research reports required by the industry. Beyond the internship program, Mr. Li is also looking forward to cooperating with NSYSU IPS in various areas, such as online public opinion surveys, thick data interpretation and analysis, social media database establishment and development, and cooperation in polling major political issues.

Director Liu also said that NSYSU’s political research continues to promote cross-disciplinary dialogue and practical exchange for the students to study human nature, preferences, and behavior, as well as to enhance their sensitivity to changes in the macro scale. He said that IPS faculty’s educational efforts in this field have been noticed and recognized. The mentioned abilities are in high demand by the industry, however, are still underestimated by the majority of students and their parents. The partnership with Quickseek will help emerging industries better identify the competencies they need when searching for talent across multiple fields. Director Liu emphasized that the ability to interpret these social media data and political issue materials cannot be acquired in one or two semesters but requires a solid training in logic, reading, and critical analysis. He believes that students with such abilities are not only needed by the business world: some master students of IPS with this set of abilities have been promoted to better positions in their organizations or hired by innovative enterprises. He hopes that in the near future, this type of cooperation will open up a “blue ocean” of public issues and community management for NSYSU’s social scientists.

(Edited by Public Affairs Division)
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