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NSYSU Introduces Joint Program Building Ship Technology Competitiveness

NSYSU, Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Corp., and CSBC Corp. Taiwan jointly launched the Southern Star Industry Hub Program, which will be available in fall semester, 2017. The program focuses on equipment system technology, national defense technology, energy technology, ship vessel construction, and other state industry development projects. After the students complete the program, they not only are prioritized in the employment of the enterprise’s development sector, such as the CSBC Submarine Development Center and Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Development Center, but also can apply for a fully funded NSYSU scholarship to study abroad for six months as an exchange student.

NSYSU President Ying-Yao Cheng emphasized that the development of industries requires exceptional and stable human resources. Locating in the industrial city of Kaohsiung, NSYSU strives to enact the role of the locomotive for regional education and academic development. The Southern Star Industry Hub Program therefore will cultivate new blood with expert knowledge for industrial hub development. By introducing senior experienced technical staffs of the two companies, the program tightens academic training and practical experience. In the future, NSYSU will also actively consult with the Navy Ship Development Center in hopes to jointly bring vitalizing force to the industry.

NSYSU has integrated the College of Marine Sciences and College of Engineering to design the program with courses offered by the Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering, and Department of Marine Environment and Engineering. The courses fulfill the expertise of national industrial development including professional divisions such as equipment system technology, national defense technology, energy technology, and ship vessel construction. These cross-disciplinary courses will also invite lecturers from the industry to share their practical experience, bridging the gap between academia and industry The Southern Star Industry Hub Program will be complemented to NSYSU diplomas for students who complete the program.

CSBC Corp. General Manager, Kuo-Cheng Tseng, indicated that the industry is becoming livelier again with the reinforcement of offshore wind-power generator and autonomous submarine vessel development policies. In addition, “smart ship vessels” will become the future trend of ship building industries. To respond to the supplement of human resources, CSBS is recruiting new staff and has established the CSBS Academy to nuture talents. Therefore, CSBS highly anticipates the close interaction with NSYSU to recruit more outstanding members. Tseng also mentioned that in the future, CSBS will provide paid internship opportunities to NSYSU students; after students graduate, they may be directly employed by CSBS with the starting salary of NTD 40,000.

Deputy Chairman Yu-Lin Han of Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Corp. stated that Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Corp. will join NSYSU in establishing the Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Development and Research Center on campus. The center will cultivate outstanding youth and bridge the gap between academia and industry. Han hopes that the program will enhance the students’ willingness to stay in Southern Taiwan and motivate the students to improve the industries.
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