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40th anniversary affinity debit card to contribute to NSYSU’s development fund

(Provided by Alumni Service Center) National Sun Yat-sen University and O-Bank launched the NSYSU's 40th anniversary affinity debit card, which allows its holder to contribute 0.2% from all payment transactions to the University’s development fund and support the cultivation of talents. This debit card not only strengthens students’, teachers’, and alumni identity with the University and is a souvenir of this memorable anniversary, but also enriches the offer of affinity cards by O-Bank.

The design of the card features the anniversary logo designed by the alumni. The number ‘4’ is formed by the skyline of the mountains and the sea surrounding the campus and five golden pillars representing the University’s motto – “erudite, inquisitive, deliberative, discerning, persistent”, which symbolizes NSYSU’s unwavering spirit. The simple, concise layout of the card brings out the logo. The card is available in two color versions - white and black.

From this day on, O-Bank’s clients can apply for NSYSU’s 40th anniversary affinity debit card. In addition to O-Bank transferring 0.2% of all payment transactions to the University’s development fund, the clients can enjoy a cashback reward of 0.8% without upper value limit. In addition to the above, by opening a bank account at O-Bank by the end of this year (2020), new clients will receive an additional 1% cashback reward to the maximum amount of 250 NTD until the last day of the next month after opening the account and an even higher cashback reward rate after reaching the mentioned amount.

The agreement between NSYSU and O-Bank was signed by NSYSU President Ying-Yao Cheng and the President of O-Bank Elton Lee. In the ceremony participated: NSYSU Senior Vice Presidents I-Yu Huang and Mitch Chou, Director of the Alumni Service Center Chi-Cheng Wu, Senior Executive Vice President Gary Liu, Senior Vice President of the Wealth Management Department Landy Tsou, and VPs of several academic and administrative units of NSYSU, who came to express support for the event. President Ying-Yao Cheng invited students, teachers, and alumni responding to this meaningful initiation, to strengthen the bond with the University.

During the meeting, President Cheng said that the collaboration with O-Bank is a new breakthrough in their bilateral relations, and that he hopes for future developments in the collaboration and combination of CSR and USR for the wellbeing of the society and at the same time, to promote the cultivation of talents. He also invited everyone to participate in various activities celebrating the 40th anniversary of NSYSU.

President Lee said that O-Bank is committed to benefitting others by launching affinity cards to support good causes, letting clients donate 0.2% of their payments to support the organizations they want. This time, the NSYSU 40th anniversary affinity debit card has been O-Bank’s first affinity card launched together with a university, aiming to provide an additional way for the students, teachers, and alumni to support NSYSU by contributing to its development fund and academic affairs, the education in Taiwan, and talents’ cultivation.
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