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NSYSU team wins Choice Award of CSR x Regional Revitalization Proposals Competition


(Provided by Social Engagement Center) A new social practice project team at National Sun Yat-sen University – Shanjinwu (山津塢), in collaboration with the Kaohsiung Museum of History and Chateau de Chine Hotel Kaohsiung, jointly launched guided tours introducing the local history and culture of Kaohsiung’s old districts of Yancheng and Hamasen. The tours, launched last year, received great appreciation and this year, won the Choice Award of the first edition of CSR x Regional Revitalization Proposals Competition.

Executive Director of Social Engagement Center at NSYSU, Professor Ching-Li Yang, said that the cultural tours will not only bring profits to the local tourism industry, but also let visitors gain an in-depth understanding of the rich culture and history of Yancheng and Hamasen. This collaboration was awarded the Choice Award of the first edition of CSR x Regional Revitalization Proposals Competition for its excellent cooperation model that gives a different experience for the tourists. NSYSU also continues match-making enterprises to integrate more resources in the future and adopt diverse ways to invest in regional revitalization and sustainable development in the Kaohsiung and Pingtung areas.

The National Development Council, Executive Yuan, pointed out that CSR x Regional Revitalization Proposals Competition, organized by PwC, a sustainable development service company, integrates national policies in regional revitalization, hoping to match corporate entities with regional teams to deliver CSR (corporate social responsibility) projects for regional revitalization. The Competition selects outstanding regional revitalization teams from the applications and matches them with the participating companies’ procurement, public welfare activities, or core corporate values. This helps the participating teams expand their business models and advance sustainable local development.

A total of 110 teams entered the competition, and after a strict review process, 8 teams were selected, including NSYSU's Shanjinwu. Shanjinwu initiated with the focus on the preservation of Kaohsiung's local culture and has successfully revived the traditional skills of big-catch flags and transformed cultural features into creative art products and community tours for sustainable development. Since last year, NSYSU’s Shanjinwu team has been cooperating with the Kaohsiung Museum of History and Chateau de Chine Hotel Kaohsiung to jointly launch a local history and culture guided tour, that includes accommodation, catering, a night tour of the Museum, and visits to lesser-known places with NSYSU guides for an in-depth experience of the local culture. This year, the team continues with a new project – a guided tour introducing the culture of the port and railway station area, combining a visit to Hamasen Museum of Taiwan Railway, big-catch flag silk screen printing DIY experience, and a ride on the Kaohsiung Port Retro Train to enjoy the scenery of the Kaohsiung harbor.

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