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The First Taiwan “International Graduate Program of Education and Human Development (IGPEHD)” Philippines School Visit

The College of Social Sciences at National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) will soon launch its “International Ph.D. Program of Education and Human Development (IGPEHD)” The goal is to recruit foreign students to attend the doctoral program in 2019 and recruit Taiwanese students for admission in 2020. This program is the first education, psychology, and statistics-related Ph.D. program conducted entirely in English in Taiwan. In the field of education, NSYSU is recognized for its high research and teaching quality, attaining a ranking of 82 in the 2018 World Universities Rankings in Education. The course map of the IGPEHD program focuses on the core areas of education, psychology, and statistics.

Over the past two years, while planning and preparing the IGPEHD program, program director Dr. Chuang has contacted many students from Southeast Asian countries. She says “It is already a worldwide trend to recruit students from Southeast Asian countries, not just by schools here in Taiwan. A lot of universities in Europe, America, and other Asian countries have already started to recruit students from Southeast Asia.” In the past, because of some stereotypes, a lot of outstanding people in their higher education system were overlooked. In recent years, Taiwan has gradually realized their potential.

Because its tuition is more accessible than in other European and American countries and it is conveniently located, Taiwan can provide a good learning environment for students from Southeast Asian countries. In turn, Taiwan benefits from the enthusiasm and energy brought by Southeast Asian students. Among higher education institutions in Southeast Asian countries, Filipino students have especially high English proficiency and may become a talent pool for teaching English in the future.

The IGPEHD program director Dr. Chuang visited two Philippine schools (St. Paul University, Quezon City and Polytechnic University of the Philippines) during November 18-20, 2018. During this visit, Dr. Chuang not only shared this program with their faculty and students, but also discussed the possibility of future cooperation, such as an entirely English teaching practicum course at NSYSU. This would provide opportunities for foreign students not only to obtain teaching practicum credits by accumulating teaching experience in Taiwan elementary or junior high schools, but would also enhance Taiwanese English proficiency.

In order to attain educational excellence at international standards, NSYSU is launching a unique English education graduate program for higher education. In the future, the IGPEHD program will play a vital role in enhancing academic and cultural exchange in the fields of education, psychology and statistics, and promote understanding and cooperation with Southeast Asian countries.
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