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Creating New Opportunities from Taiwan–Latvia–Lithuania Cooperation: NSYSU Facilitates Technology Development and Academia–Industry Cooperation through International Education

Nine officials from the Ministries of Education and Science of Latvia and Lithuania visited Taiwan to attend an annual conference, the Taiwan–Latvia–Lithuania trilateral Joint Funds for Scientific Cooperation. Accompanied by Yian Tai—the chief of the Science and Technology Division, Taipei Representative Office in Germany—and Tung-yi Lin—the dean of the research and development division, National University of Kaohsiung—the nine officials visited National Sun Yet-sen University (NSYSU) and received a cordial reception from Ming-chi Chou, the chair professor and vice president of research and development; professor Chih-wen Kuo, vice president of International Affairs; assistant professor Li-Yin Chen, associate vice president of Academic Affairs; Liu-wen Chang, chair of the Department of Materials and Optoelectronic Science; and Yuan-Pin Lin, assistant professor at the Institute of Medical Science and Technology.

During his speech, Chou—vice president of research and development—mentioned his visit to Riga, the capital of Latvia, where he presented at the 2018 conference titled Functional Materials and NanoTechnologies. He was impressed by the stable social order, magnificent scenery, and friendly locals. Chou particularly relished the Double Tenth Day celebration soiree in honor of Taiwan’s national holiday, held by the Taipei mission in the Republic of Latvia. Furthermore, he was granted an opportunity to meet multiple elite leaders from the Baltic States at the soiree. There was then a sense of familiarity when he welcomed the delegations from Latvia and Lithuania at NSYSU shortly after his return from the conference.

Vice president Chou particularly introduced Andy Chin, representative of the Taipei mission in the Republic of Latvia, during the delegation briefing. Chin is an outstanding alumnus from the first graduating class of NSYSU, has diplomatic talent, and is actively developing the economic and cultural relationship between Taiwan and the Baltic States. A distinguished alumnus that is the pride of NSYSU, Chin aims to develop academia–industry collaboration by integrating the higher education system and relevant industries in the Baltic States with NSYSU. Representative Chin mentioned that he recently visited Jelgava in Latvia and Panevezys in Lithuania, both of which are vigorously promoting smart city development. He sincerely invited representatives of the two countries to attend the 2019 Smart City Summit & Expo, which will be held in Taipei during March 26–29, 2019.

Dr. Albertas Zalys, director of the Lithuanian Department of Higher Education, Science, and Technology and who represented the leader of the Lithuania delegation, mentioned in his speech that this was his first visit of Taiwan and he was markedly impressed by its prosperity and advancement. The representative of Latvia, Dr. Dmitrijs Stepanovs—director of the Higher Education, Science, and Innovation Department at the Ministry of Education and Science—showed particular interest in the credits system and elective subjects of the higher education system in Taiwan; he also interacted with Li-Yin Chen, associate vice president of Academic Affairs of NSYSU. Chih-wen Kuo, vice president of International Affairs, advocated the picturesque learning environment, diverse academic subjects, and the mature support system for international students at NSYSU, encouraging students from both countries to apply for admission.

Subsequently, NSYSU gifted the participating guests self-developed coral face masks as well as necktie clips embedded with crystal synthesized by the Center for Crystal Research. The participants unanimously affirmed Taiwan’s outstanding scientific research and expressed interest in further academia–industry cooperation with NSYSU. The guests especially requested a trip to Sizihwan for the sea view. Upon the sight of sand, many guests took off their shoes to experience some beach fun. They also complemented on the unique and spectacular mountain and sea views offered by NSYSU. In their opinion, such enviable scenery cannot be surpassed by that of any university in their own countries.
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