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NSYSU offers a monthly stipend of NTD 10,000 to encourage students to study abroad

National Sun Yat-sen University offers a monthly stipend to students going abroad to study! From the beginning of academic year 2019, those undergraduate students starting their third year of studies or the second semester of the third year and have studied all the credits necessary for graduation can apply for an exchange abroad or a joint dual degree for half year to one year. The University will pay a monthly allowance of NTD 10,000 to help students cover their living costs. University President Ying-Yao Cheng emphasizes that the students have to connect with the outer world; this will increase the competitiveness of the graduates and bring closer the global industry.

The new system is also directed towards students of Master and Doctoral programs. NSYSU currently partners with 249 institutions in 41 countries; 138 of them are in Asia, 82 in Europe, 25 in America and 4 in Oceania. There are 186 institutions conducting student exchange programs, offering over 300 places. Besides that, the University has signed agreements on joint dual-degree cooperation with 24 institutions. In 2018, 51 students and 42 students from collaborating universities participated in joint dual-degree programs; upon graduation, they will obtain degree diplomas issued by NSYSU and the collaborating university.

The University stresses that, among 249 universities partnering with NSYSU, there are 47 universities among the top 300 on the QS World University Ranking, including the University of Pennsylvania, the University of California-San Diego (USA), the Australian National University (Australia), Kyoto University (Japan), the University of Munich (Germany), the University of Leuven, Ghent University (Belgium), Moscow State University (Russia), Sapienza University of Rome (Italy). Alumni or teachers affiliated with these universities were awarded the Nobel Prize, which proves these institutions truly world-class!

University President Ying-Yao Cheng encourages the students to “dream big and create the future”: to be dreamers with a spirit of innovation, but also practitioners with feet on the ground. He points out that NSYSU emphasizes the importance of broadening students’ horizons. “Catch the opportunity and change your life” – with this motto in mind, allowance for disadvantaged students was instituted, gaining great support from students, teachers and the society. The sum of allowance every year reaches NTD 10 million, helping outstanding students from low- and middle-low income households or families with special needs to pursue studies, internships or volunteer programs abroad for half year or one year. The total cost of flight tickets, insurance and living costs is covered. During the past three years, 17 students did exchange at universities in Japan, Belgium, Russia, France and Sweden.

In addition, before summer vacation outstanding students were selected to do research abroad for two months at the University of California-San Diego. NSYSU covered the cost of round-trip flight tickets, tuition and living expenses overseas; the total sum of the allowance was NTD 100,000. University President Ying-Yao Cheng said that “the cost covered for every student was NTD 10,000”; the raised funds supported the budget. The students of the University not only have outstanding professional abilities in their fields, but also attach great importance to CSR and support younger fellow students in pursuing education abroad. The alumni strongly support the idea of university social responsibility, originating from the concept of corporate social responsibility.

In recent years, the University has been successfully promoting internationalization. Besides recruiting foreign academics, NSYSU encourages teachers to guide the students to pursue short-term study opportunities abroad, especially academic courses and events. With the available channels and by strengthening cooperation with partner universities we hope to motivate students to pursue learning opportunities overseas. In recent years, NSYSU subsidized 17 courses and financially supported 289 students to do exchange abroad.
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