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Order your food online and avoid queuing at Mountain and Sea Food Court on campus

You don’t need to queue for lunch! It’s enough to use your phone to order food. The grand reopening of Mountain and Sea Food Court in the Student Center building took place on October 2nd, 2019. Besides renovating the dining area, an online food-ordering method was introduced and integrated with mobile payment system, much popular among young people nowadays. Having pre-ordered food and payed for it online, you will receive a notification by the vendor as soon as the dish is ready for pick-up. In that way, students can come, choose a seat, and don’t have to queue. In November, the option of group ordering will be available, providing an even more convenient and fast service for the students and teachers of NSYSU.

The renovated entrance to the Mountain and Sea Food Court reflects the education philosophy of the University President Ying-Yao Cheng, promoting diversity, innovation and adventurousness, hoping to create an academic culture, where people envision the future and dare to dream. The first, second and third floor are available for you to sit. The dining area, originally with 140 seats, can now accommodate 280 people. Not only the dining area was expanded, but also new vendors were attracted, selling brunch, fried food, donburi, food braised in soy sauce and drinks, enriching the offer of the Food Court.

What’s more, during non-dining hours, the area can be turned into co-working space. Now, after class, students and teachers have a place to stimulate creativity and to get inspired. It is a multi-purpose area, where student clubs can practice for their performances.

It took one year to renovate the Mountain and Sea Food Court. The University Vice President I-Yu Huang, the former and the incumbent President for General Affairs Shiahn-Wern Shyue and Jih-Ching Chiu repeatedly consulted vendors and designers, joining hands to improve the quality of food and service, creating a comfortable dining area. President for General Affairs Jih-Ching Chiu emphasizes that besides improving the dining environment, they considered the schedules of teachers and students of the College of Liberal Arts and College of Marine Sciences, located far away from the restaurant. A completely new Mountain and Sea Food Court greatly simplified the process of ordering food by introducing a smart system to serve customers, making them avoid queuing and save time. These solutions were tested in September and met with great appreciation.

The Office of General Affairs said, that to celebrate the grand reopening of the Mountain and Sea Food Court, LINE Pay Corporation is offering a LINE Pay reward of up to 70% when making mobile payments from October 1st to November 30th. During the testing period, the University collected customers’ advice on what can be improved in the food court. Problems and suggestions were passed to the vendors and guidance was provided to let them improve. Later on, a customer satisfaction questionnaire on the service quality of the food court will be organized and strict weekly food inspections by the Diet and Health Panel will be conducted.


Using LINE Pay with iPass linked to it during weekdays gives you a LINE Points reward of 3%. These two months, starting from October 1st you can enjoy a 30% LINE Points reward. The Post Office bank enabled automatic top-up function. When paying, you will enjoy a reward of 40% top-up value. In total, you can get a maximum 70% reward.

How to register as member and order food (Chinese version only): https://is.gd/Rx6tnn

Mountain and Sea Food Court awaits your suggestions! Please fill-in the following questionnaires:

Customer satisfaction questionnaire on Mountain and Sea Food Court in the Student Center Building at NSYSU (Chinese version only): https://is.gd/VHOYbJ

Do you want the Mountain and Sea Food Court to be open during weekends and holidays? Fill in the following questionnaire (Chinese version only): https://is.gd/tVaPVY\
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