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NSYSU ranks 3rd in Taiwan in Eduniversal Business Schools Ranking

In 2019, Eduniversal, a French ranking of higher-education institutions, published a report of the 1000 most influential business schools and universities in the world. National Sun Yat-sen University has appeared in the ranking for the past ten years, and this year it was awarded 4 Palmes of Excellence, and, together with National Taiwan University and National Chengchi University, is one of three best choices to study business in Taiwan.

Dean of the College of Management at NSYSU, professor San-Yih Hwang, and Associate Dean, professor Jui-Kun Kuo, represented the University during the 12th Eduniversal World Convention held in Thailand and received the award. Dean Hwang said that, “only 200 business schools out of 1000 obtained the 4 Palmes of Excellence award.” NSYSU showed improvement receiving the coveted 4 Palmes of Excellence award this year, having received on 3 Palmes last year. This is an enormous recognition of the successful internationalization of the College of Management. This year, among Taiwanese universities that appeared in the ranking are: National Taiwan University with 5 Palmes of Excellence, National Sun Yat-sen University and National Chengchi University – both with 4 Palmes of Excellence, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Fu Jen Catholic University and National Chiao-Tung University with 3 Palmes of Excellence, and National Cheng Kung University with 2 Palmes of Excellence.

Dean Hwang said that the College of Management at NSYSU has been promoting internationalization for many years; it has 11 foreign teachers, coming from Great Britain, France, Austria, Malaysia, South Korea, Sweden, Singapore, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong. The College also has 70 sister universities spread across the globe, and offers 14 joint dual or double degree programs. Every year, over a hundred students are sent abroad and this number is steadily growing year by year. Besides the other resources of the University, the College offers scholarships for students wishing to study abroad. In the past 3 years, these scholarships supported 24 students with a total amount of NTD 810,000 being awarded, actively encouraging students to broaden their horizons.

Since 2007, Eduniversal has been selecting the 1000 best business schools and universities in 154 countries in 9 geographical zones (Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Eurasia & the Middle East, Central Asia, Far East Asia, Africa, Latin America, North America, and Oceania). According to the number of students in the higher education system, the national budget spent on higher education, and the number of academic research institutions, Eduniversal selects 1000 business schools and universities. Subsequently, the International Scientific Committee takes into account the indicators of internationalization of the institutions, such as certifications, places in rankings, membership in international academic organizations, and grants Palmes of Excellence awards according to the different degree of prominence of schools in the same region. Finally, the heads of the selected 1000 institutions conduct mutual evaluation to put the institutions in a ranked order.

Schools and universities which obtained 1 Palme of Excellence are Business Schools with considerable local influence, those with 2 Palmes are Good Business Schools with strong regional influence, with 3 Palmes – Excellent Business Schools with reinforcing international influence, 4 Palmes – Top Business Schools with significant international influence. 5 Palmes award indicates Universal Business Schools with strong global influence.

2019 Eduniversal Business Schools Ranking – Taiwan:
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