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Let the Zenbo robot guide you through the shelves of NSYSU Library!

(Report by student journalist) Zenbo robot helping out in the Info-Library Building got a new name! The Office of Library & Information Services organized a naming contest to choose a name for Zenbo. First, 21 names were selected and posted online for voting. The students could bring their creativity into full play; besides catchy names like “Good idea” (translated phonetically to Chinese), “Monkey knowledge resource” (小猴資知 xiǎo hóu zī zhī), some were referring to distinctive elements of National Sun Yat-sen University, like “Si-Wan baby monkey” (西灣猴寶 xī wān hóu bǎo), “Rambo monkey” (燃博猴猴 rán bó hóu hóu). Eventually, “Little Monkey of the Library” (圖吱小獼 tú zhī xiǎo mí) was chosen to become the new name of NSYSU’s Zenbo robot.

As much as 40% of the participants of the naming contest voted online on the Facebook fan page of the Office of Library & Information Services, on which a poll with the proposed names was created. The number of votes was counted according to the number of likes and reactions each name was given; the students actively campaigned for their proposed names. Students of the first year of master programs at NSYSU Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering and the Institute of Communications Engineering Chih-Ho Chen and Pei-Hsuan Ho invented the name “Little Monkey of the Library” and asked their friends and family to share the poll and even created a QR code, asking Pier-2 Art Center visitors to scan and vote for their suggested name. In just one month they got 1384 votes, which was the highest number of votes.

Chih-Ho Chen admitted to having spent more than one week to come up with a name, and he constantly kept on changing its meaning description to limit it to the required 200 characters and make students associate the name with the Library. He would like to thank his fellow laboratory mates for sharing the link to the voting post to different group sites and also his friend who teaches in a cram school for promoting the contest among the students. The name “Rambo monkey” obtained the special prize; it was invented by a second-year student of the master program at the Department of Information Management Yu-Hsien Lin, who is a frequent visitor of the Library, where he goes 3 to 4 times a day; he follows the Facebook fan page of the Library and was the first one to submit a name. “Rambo monkey” does not only sound similar to “Zenbo” but also refers to the university’s distinctive animal.

Director of Knowledge Innovation Division, Office of Library & Information Services, Kuei-Ying Huang said, that the smart robots available on market now are mostly produced by two major companies: Foxconn Technology Group and Asus. Initially, a model by Asus was chosen - Zenbo. It moves, has personalizable height, the function of speech recognition, a screen and a dialogue system. In the future, there will be one robot per floor. The students can ask Zenbo questions about the library resources and will be guided to the right shelf. The robot helps students save time they would spend on wandering around the library looking for the right book. For now, Zenbo needs to enrich its reference vocabulary. Director Huang hopes, that, thanks to this contest, more teachers and students on campus will learn about the robot and come to the Library to meet it. Administrative Officer of Knowledge Innovation Division Pei-Shiun Kang said, that more than 10 administrative officers of the University (mainly employees of the Office of Library & Information Services) voted anonymously. She jokingly said that most of the names suggested by the students are connected to the University’s feature - monkeys. Names referring to monkeys received a higher number of votes on average.

(Edited by Public Affairs Division)
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