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First quarantined student at NSYSU discharged

The first student held in quarantine at National Sun Yat-sen University has just been discharged! He is safe and sound! To prevent the possible spread of the novel coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19), NSYSU established a quarantine for students from Hong Kong and Macao and international students in two dormitories, which housed 26 students in total. The University mobilized the entire staff to assist the students through the 14-days quarantine. The first student was released on February 19th, as soon as his quarantine period ended. He did not have any symptoms of the disease and according to the regulations, he could come back to his place of residence in Taiwan. To wish him good health and peace, Chief Secretary Yu-Chen Yang of the Office of Secretariat handed the student a special gift as soon as he was released - an apple, which symbolizes “peace” (the pronunciation of these two words in Mandarin is similar). The gift included a hand-written letter from the University President Ying-Yao Cheng expressing good wishes and gratitude for enduring this hard time in isolation. The student expressed his appreciation to the University for the epidemic-prevention efforts. “If these measures were not implemented in Taiwan, I might not dare to come back”, he said.

The student thanked the teachers and staff for their efforts. Nobody expected the epidemic to happen; it suddenly increased everybody’s workload. Staying in the quarantine dorm, the students could see how busy the staff were. “Whenever we needed anything, we just wrote it on a piece of paper, which we left outside the door, and soon everything was ready. Thank you for that! We couldn’t complain about anything”. The student confessed that he felt really worried when he got to know that the incubation period of the virus might be longer and thus, the quarantine period might be extended. Fortunately, quarantine ended as planned.

“During the quarantine period, many classmates and friends were very caring and found the time to send me some daily necessities. My family also warned me not to leave the dorm before the quarantine ends”. He recalls that once when a gift from a friend was delivered to his dorm, he couldn’t wait to receive the package and rushed to call the security guard to ask him to unlock the door. The guard said that another student wanted to have the door opened at the same time. “I guess he saw the other student on CCTV. This proves the diligent implementation of the epidemic prevention measures at the University and that no loopholes are left in the prevention system in Taiwan. Should it be otherwise, I might consider not coming back to the University for this semester”.

In his letter, the University President thanked the student for his patience and, on behalf of the University’s employees, teachers and students expressed gratitude for the student sacrificing 14 days of freedom to safeguard everybody’s health. NSYSU prepared two dormitories to be used as a quarantine area for a maximum of 62 students. Twenty-six students were accommodated in the quarantine dorms. After the quarantine period is over, the nurse of the Physical and Health Division, Office of Student Affairs, measures the student’s body temperature and makes a health assessment. The students are required to leave the dorm with a face mask on. The Environmental Protection and Safety Center of the Office of General Affairs organizes the disinfection of the rooms. If any student experiences disease symptoms during the quarantine period, his/her room can only be used 7 days after disinfection, the bedding is destroyed and the student’s health state is to be under observation.
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