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The spring semester starts today: new epidemic prevention measures on campus

NSYSU is safe! February 27th is the first day of the spring semester at National Sun Yat-sen University. To respond to the global spread of the coronavirus epidemic, the NSYSU Working Group on Epidemic Prevention took care of the students’ accommodation, preventive measures on campus and course schedule. The Convener of the Working Group - NSYSU President Ying-Yao Cheng and the Deputy Convener and Chief Executive - Senior Vice President I-Yu Huang pointed out that the epidemic prevention was taken to the next level. From today on, it is required to measure the body temperature if 60 or more participants gather for an indoor event. National Sun Yat-sen University Job Fair is also rescheduled to May 16th (originally to take place on March 14th).

For students’ and teachers’ safety and parents’ peace of mind, before the start of the new semester, NSYSU organized the disinfection of all facilities on campus, including common spaces in dormitories, classrooms, even bannisters, doorknobs, elevator buttons, and toilets. After the new semester starts, classroom windows will have to be open at all times for ventilation and rooms without windows will not be used. Tables, microphones, computer mice and keyboards will be disinfected before every lecture. Seats and strap handles of the campus bus will be disinfected after every ride: disinfection is an essential part of the epidemic prevention procedures. In addition, posters were hanged around the campus to educate students and employees about epidemic prevention methods. Bottles of hand sanitizer for common use are placed by building entrances and elevators; liquid hand soap is provided for personal hygiene in bathrooms. Temperature measurement stations were established around the campus for students’ and employees’ health self-management.

To control the epidemic situation, the NSYSU Info-Library Building (the Library), as well as the self-study room on the 1st floor is not available to persons outside the campus. To better control, the entrance to the Library, the back entrance and the side entrances on the third floor connecting the Library to the College of Management and the College of Engineering are temporarily closed. Visitors can only enter the Library through the main entrance on the first floor, where their temperature is measured; shall a visitor’s body temperature be higher than 37.5°C, they are not allowed to enter. Those whose temperature is lower than 37.5°C, but who cough or sneeze, can only enter with a face mask on. The computer room on the basement of the Info-Library Building has had a ventilation system installed, and paper towels and disinfectant are provided for users to disinfect their keyboard and mouse.

Among students from Hong Kong, Macao and China who could not come to Taiwan for the spring semester, there are 49 students who chose to continue their program through long-distance learning. At present, the University offers 275 digital courses. The University is still discussing with the teachers the possible synchronous long-distance learning to be available on different platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, zoom, Joinnet, Adobe Connect, U Meeting, through live broadcast or online conference. The teachers can also use Evercam to pre-record lectures and upload the video files through Evercam. Besides, with an SSO account, students are now able to access e-journals and databases also from outside the campus.

In view of the fast-spreading coronavirus epidemic, according to the directives of Central Epidemic Command Center, if a non-Taiwanese student comes to NSYSU after a visit to a country or area listed as Level 2 Area (Alert), they are required to undergo a 14-day observation period in the observation dorm for health self-management. Students residing outside the campus can request accommodation in the observation dorm as well and return to their off-campus place of residence after the period of 14 days.
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