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Si-Wan College Creativity Base is now open for education, research, development and experiments

Si-Wan College Creativity Base is finally open on the 10th floor of the Info-Library Building, completed after a half-year’s construction. It occupies an area as large as 2,000 m2 and overlooks the Sizihwan Bay, which sea view inspired the design of the Base. The images of reef bank and reef stone were also an inspiration for elements of the design. The MIT Media Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology also served as a reference to design a space that is all about the students and their visions for the future and to create a new “display window” for education, research, development, and experiments. The Base allows the students and teachers to hold debates, organize interdisciplinary classes, lectures, and discussions, test new ideas, and display results. The Creativity Base is expected to influence behaviors, provide study motivation, stimulate R&D creativity, and open infinite possibilities that higher education can give.

Si-Wan College Creativity Base was designed by Associate Professor Shiau-Yun Lu, the Associate Dean of Si-Wan College and Director of the Program in Interdisciplinary Studies. She previously obtained an Award of Excellence from the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) for her design of Aogu Wetland Forest Park in Dongshi Township, Chiayi. NSYSU President Ying-Yao Cheng pointed out that Si-Wan College Creativity Base is not just a classroom but a true experimental ground. Instead of thick concrete walls, this interactive space is subdivided by glass walls. The tables and chairs have an original design. The seats are not fixed but arranged in an irregular, open way to foster interaction. Also, a platform for impromptu speeches and a green wall of plants were incorporated into the area. There is even a relaxation area full of ferns, where the students and teachers can listen to the sounds of birds and insects, relax, dream boldly, and create the future!

Dean of Si-Wan College Dun-Hou Tsai said, that the Creativity Base is NSYSU’s “display window” for education, research, development, and experiments, where ideas can be tested and prototypes can be displayed. He hopes that the Base will stimulate students’ creativity and act as an incubator for their ideas. In an era of career jugglers, it is important to nurture one’s self-expression skills. To help students overcome stage phobia, the seating area of the TED lecture hall of the Base was arranged in a form of stairs. To embrace the era of Internet celebrities, a photographic studio and recording equipment were also provided. The entrance to the discussion room consists of three revolving doors that resemble a display window; it was designed to help students plan their exhibitions. Another area of the Base offers a 3D printer, a trepan, tools for handcraft, and a large area for students’ projects.

The students couldn’t wait to visit the Base on the opening day. They described it as ‘a secret place in a jungle’ or ‘Eslite Bookstore branch with a wonderful sea view’. One professor described this hub of creativity as a ‘green planet surrounded by the sea’. Associate Dean of the Si-Wan College Shiau-Yun Lu emphasized that the value of the Base lies in its multiple uses for the students and teachers, according to their imagination. In the future, the decorative themes will be changed in the future to continue inspiring creative thought, for the teachers and students to experience well-being education and practice their creativity.
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