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NSYSU and LDC Hotels & Resorts sign an MOU to promote cross-regional innovation

National Sun Yat-sen University and LDC Hotels & Resorts signed an MOU on cooperation and established Chateau de Chine Hotel Kaohsiung as the main base. In the future, they will promote regional innovation, with hotels providing the facilities for the collaboration, integrating the food and agriculture education of the University, regional creativity, tourism user experience, students’ innovation and entrepreneurship and models of teaching abroad to go beyond the frameworks of the industry, engage in cross-regional innovative cooperation, foster local development and nurture talents.

The MOU was signed by NSYSU Senior Vice President Yang-Yih Chen and CEO of LDC Hotels & Resorts Chih-Jen Sheng. Senior Vice President Chen pointed out that the University keeps on going beyond the boundaries; it established the Program in Interdisciplinary Studies to address the current issues of the industry and nurture professionals for cross-regional innovation. The newly-established Si-Wan College of the University crosses the boundaries of different fields, fosters wide-ranging skills with a holistic education. The brand new Si-Wan College Creativity Base is changing the learning environment and opening boundless opportunities for higher education. For this cooperation, LDC Hotels & Resorts will provide the topics and facilities, while the University will be in charge of innovative projects and professional training systems. The first station of the project is Chateau de Chine Hotel Kaohsiung to connect education with what’s local and promote it internationally.

“Academy and research can make an enterprise plan more long-term and think more in-depth, while the enterprise can provide students with practice opportunities. CEO of LDC Hotels & Resorts Chih-Jen Sheng said that higher education graduates should have four skills (4C): critical thinking, creativity, communication skills, and collaboration. In the past years, LDC Hotels & Resorts invested a lot of effort in innovation and internationalization, not only by creating an ‘innovation team’ of design thinkers but also focusing on environmental sustainability and cross-regional innovation. He also emphasized that both parties will engage in interactive cooperation in such fields as education and training, internships in the industry, regional innovation, and sustainability. The students and teachers of the University will join hands with the industry to create an unconventional future environment for learning and the industry.

In 2018, NSYSU established a new program of the Si-Wan College - the Program in Interdisciplinary Studies, which education philosophy is to cultivate interdisciplinary and innovative talents and connect current industry issues and spheres. Director of the Program in Interdisciplinary Studies Shiau-Yun Lu emphasized that the industry of the future will need interdisciplinary professionals. Thus, the Program is expected to be the hub of talents who will help LDC Hotels & Resorts explore all possible industry innovation opportunities. The University will provide qualified teachers for training, internship and research guidance for students, and coordination and support of projects, while LDC Hotels & Resorts will arrange training projects and course coordination, research and training facilities, the assistance of industry mentors and experience-sharing, and cooperation plan and management.
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