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NSYSU is one of 5 best universities in Taiwan according to the newest ranking of Global Views Monthly

National Sun Yat-sen University is 5th best university in Taiwan according to the ranking of Taiwan’s 30 best universities, published by Global Views Monthly (遠見雜誌)! The four best-ranking universities have stayed the same: National Taiwan University, National Tsing Hua University, National Cheng Kung University, and National Chiao Tung University. However, National Tsing Hua University outranked National Cheng Kung University again, ranking second-best. National Sun Yat-sen University has joined the elite of the five best universities for the first time, pushing National Central University down to 6th rank. NSYSU has entered the past four editions of the ranking by Global Views Monthly and has been the only one which rank has been improving every year.

Global Views Monthly analyzed the performance of NSYSU in different fields. NSYSU ranks first in Taiwan for the average funds allocated for allowance per student, and second for the contribution to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Mobility is considered a key capacity for future professionals. NSYSU ranks high in related indicators: second for the number of full-time students of dual-degree programs, and fourth for the international faculty ratio and proportion of outbound exchange students. Chief Editor of Global Views Monthly Ming-Yu Hsieh said that the report results prove that NSYSU is a university that focuses on the benefits of the students and of the society, and is serious about education, in addition to its traditional focus on research capacity. “In a world that is paying more and more attention to education, NSYSU is performing better and better in this aspect”.

NSYSU has entered the rankings of Taiwan’s 30 best universities in the past 4 years and is the only institution in the ranking which rank has been improving every year: from the 10th, then 8th, 6th to this year’s 5th. NSYSU President Ying-Yao Cheng received the award from the Founder of Global Views – Commonwealth Publishing Group Charles H.C. Kao during the award presentation ceremony. He emphasized that “education is all about students” and that the university should be a guide to the students and a catalyzer for understanding the future by way of co-working and systemization, and that the university should allocate its resources to education and service to let the students grow during their study period. “The environment starts to respond to this trend, and the international arena is more and more focused on education, and thus NSYSU’s efforts are gaining more and more visibility”, said President Cheng. President Cheng said that the University upholds the spirit of its motto - “envision the future, dare to dream”, and focuses on both education and diversity. The President extended his gratitude for noticing the University’s efforts in scientific research, professionals’ cultivation, and USR, and said that NSYSU will continue to progress in the future.

Former Minister of Education Ovid Tzeng delivered a speech to the guests and mentioned that university is a country’s most important resource; Taiwanese universities constantly progress and run neck to neck with overseas competitors. EU indicators show that universities have now started to walk towards integration from interdisciplinarity and combination. Higher education institutions all started to follow the trends of cross-university cooperation, interdisciplinarity, cross-lingual and cross-societal trends, and ecological conservation. The Taiwanese government shall inject more funds into education to help universities thrive. The Founder of Global Views – Commonwealth Publishing Group Charles H.C. Kao said that no society in the world would progress without a good education system, and that finances of a country will never collapse even if large funds are allocated to education, and social peace can never be achieved if education is a privilege of a minority.

Other countries have been publishing rankings of universities for years, but in Taiwan, it has not been until 2016 that Global Views Monthly released its first ranking of Taiwanese universities and ranking institutions in line with the situation in Taiwan. For more exhaustive and comprehensive results, Global Views Monthly optimized its evaluation standards, while Global Views Monthly Research Center collected a large amount of available information and statistical data on academic papers from the online citation database Scopus and research analytics indicators SciVal, flagship products of analytics company Elsevier, that provided reliable and diversified data.

Global Views Monthly said that the ranking was not published to advertise the highest-ranking universities but to let every university be aware of its competitive position. This year, the magazine expanded its rankings by subjects to 30 ranks. In the past, the universities were primarily evaluated based on their academic performance, and such aspects as teaching quality and social responsibility were neglected. Last year, an authoritative British publisher – Times Higher Education, released the University Impact Ranking for the first time, evaluating the performance of universities in such areas as environmental protection, gender equality, and social well-being. The Ministry of Education has promoted the University's Social Responsibility Practice Project, and Teaching Practice Research Program to emphasize the importance of universities' results in teaching and service.

Global Views Monthly updates the standards and their specific weights every year to stay in line with international education trends. Last year, a new standard - financial health was added as a response to the problem of private institutions closing and the instability of academic affairs in recent years. This year, universities were evaluated in six aspects: social impact, academic achievements, teaching performance, internationalization, promotion and industry-academia collaboration revenue, and financial health. These are further subdivided into 39 evaluation items. Similarly to the scoring system of the University Impact Ranking by Times Higher Education, the Global Views Monthly ranking assessed universities against the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and University's Social Responsibility Practice Project: Allowance of the Ministry of Education to evaluate the USR of an institution. In addition, Global Views Monthly expanded the specific weight of teaching performance aspect to 15% to evaluate the conformity of a university’s overall performance with the values of our times.

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