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Fresh graduates present new models of NSYSU graduation gowns!

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, National Sun Yat-sen University reshaped the graduation robes for bachelor, master and Ph.D. degree graduates! The graduation robes for bachelor-degree graduates make a reference to the University badge, with specially designed lapels. For master-degree graduates, each College of the University is represented by a different color of the gown’s lapels. Turquoise-colored robes are reserved for Ph.D. graduates. The new designer outfits go beyond the traditional style and are matched with round academic caps.

All gowns are inspired by the unique geographic location of the University in between the mountains and the ocean. NSYSU Vice President for Academic Affairs Ching-Li Yang said that these three models of graduation robes were designed by Professor Heng-Cheng Lin, Dean of the College of Culture and Creativity at Shih-Chien University. They have long loose capes and lapels mixing different colors: the blue color represents the ocean, white - the waves, while green symbolizes the mountains, meaning that the students should be persistent and unswerving like the mountains and have a heart as open as the vast ocean.

The turquoise robe for Ph.D. graduates with tassels and long lappets, combined with a matching cap, significantly differs from its traditional version. Every item of design conveys good wishes for the graduates. Vice President Yang said that the turquoise color of the robe represents the colors of the campus as seen from a bird’s eye, embodying the persistent and adventurous spirit of the University and its interdisciplinary education. The traditional square academic cap, representing the four cardinal directions and the knowledge of the World, was substituted with a round cap, which symbolizes the unity of knowledge and boundlessness of the World and includes a golden tassel, which represents a wish for a good harvest. The cape has a silver-white undertone, which represents purity and self-discipline and the hope that the graduates will always remember the academic principles and social responsibility of the free academic environment of the University; the lappet represents the spreading of the acquired academic capacity gained at the University to the whole world, wishing that the Ph.D. graduates will take the future of the academy and the industry in their own hands.

The academic gown for master-degree graduates represents professional specialties. All seven Colleges of the University chose their own representative colors: azure for the College of Marine Sciences, beige for the College of Management, orange for the College of Engineering, deep red for the College of Liberal Arts, warm yellow for the College of Science, purple for the College of Social Sciences, and pink for the Si-Wan College. The College of Medicine which is soon to be established has also chosen a color - green. The colorful gowns will shine during the graduation ceremonies at the end of this academic year.

NSYSU President Ying-Yao Cheng pointed out that this is a very special year, as it marks the 40th anniversary of the University. During this pathbreaking moment in the University’s history, such academic developments as the application for the establishment of the College of Medicine were made to boldly promote innovation and change. The refreshed graduation gowns represent the expectations towards the graduates to keep an adventurous spirit, create the future and dream boldly and will embellish the graduation ceremonies with wonderful colors.

The new gowns for the 40th anniversary of the University stirred a debate among the students. President of the NSYSU Student Association Hao-Jun Chuang said that the previous graduation gowns were all black, plain, and nondistinctive, while now the new design incorporates the unique features of the NSYSU campus. He hopes that the students will fulfill their high aspirations and missions, and bring new values into the society and the academy. He can’t wait to see a crowd of celebrating graduates wearing new graduation robes and making it a memory common to all NSYSU graduates.

Graduation ceremonies 2020: https://ag-osa.nsysu.edu.tw/p/412-1087-20601.php?Lang=zh-tw
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