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NSYSU inaugurates Taiwan and the Baltic States Research Center on Physics in cooperation with University of Latvia

(Provided by Office of Research and Development) After Sri Lanka, National Sun Yat-sen University sets its foot in Baltic countries! NSYSU actively expands its international academic influence, having recently inaugurated its flagship center in the Baltic Sea – Taiwan and the Baltic States Research Center on Physics (TBRCP) with an opening ceremony. The Center, which research topics cover condensed matter physics, materials science, and optoelectronic engineering, includes members-scientists from Taiwan and three Baltic countries. The Center promotes researchers’ and students’ exchange and encourages them to share laboratory resources and join international research projects.

Vice President for Research and Development Professor Mitch Chou said that after establishing Taiwan and Sri Lanka Environmental Change Sciences and Technology Innovation Center in 2019, the University decided to expand its scientific research scope to the Baltic states, where it inaugurated its second overseas research center. The establishment of TBRCP originates from the joint international collaboration between the Center of Crystal Research at NSYSU, the Institute of Solid State Physics of the University of Latvia (ISSP LU), Lithuania Science and Technology Center, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology in Lithuania, and the Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnology of Vilnius University; the team applied for M-ERA.NET Call 2018, a project of the European Union (EU), and obtained great financial support, not only from the EU but also the R.O.C. Ministry of Science and Technology. The TBRCP was established at ISSP LU.

Director of the ISSP LU Dr. Mārtiņš Rutkis said that the Institute is a top scientific research entity in Latvia and that its projects have received significant financial support of the EU and the Latvian Academy of Sciences every year. It has highly-educated researchers and noteworthy research experience, and the only thing the Institute misses is the commercialization capacity and the practical application of the developed technology. He hopes that through the establishment of the Center, the fundamental scientific research, a forte of ISSP, combined with NSYSU’s applied research will result in breakthrough developments and make a contribution to the international academia.

An outstanding alumnus of NSYSU and Representative of the Taipei Mission in the Republic of Latvia Andy Chin expressed his congratulations on the establishment of Taiwan and the Baltic States Research Center on Physics. He said that TBRCP is the first research center established jointly by Taiwan and Baltic countries and that it will be a new page in the history of international relations between these countries. The Center will play a role in both bilateral research cooperation and international relations. As a Representative of Taiwan to a Baltic country and alumnus of NSYSU, he feels honored and hopeful that the Center will become a starting point for international academic collaboration, the expansion of academic, cultural and economic exchange between Taiwan and the Baltic states, and for the promotion of cooperation to achieve success.

After the opening ceremony, Chair of the Department of Materials and Optoelectronic Science at NSYSU Professor Liu-Wen Chang, Professors of the Department of Materials and Optoelectronic Science Shiao-Wei Kuo and Yeo-Wan Chiang, Professors of the Department of Photonics Yi-Jen Chiu and Jin-Wei Li hosted conferences and workshops, and discussed topics ranging from self-assembled structures, mesoporous and microporous materials, biomimetic polymer and copolymer photonic crystals, to high-efficiency tantalum pentoxide nonlinear waveguides that produce supercontinuum spectra. They engaged in academic dialogue and set a foundation for scientific research cooperation.

The establishment and official opening of Taiwan and the Baltic States Research Center on Physics gathered NSYSU Vice President for Research and Development Professor Mitch Chou, NSYSU Vice President for International Affairs Professor Chih-Wen Kuo, and 9 professors of materials science and optoelectronics, Representative Andy Chin and Counselor Herbert Hsu of the Taipei Mission in the Republic of Latvia, member of the parliament of the Republic of Latvia and chairman of the Taiwan–Latvia Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group Dr. Jānis Vucāns and other members of parliament, former Minister of Education, and other leaders of political and academic circles from Lithuania, to witness this historical moment in the international relations and scientific cooperation between Taiwan and Baltic countries.

(Edited by Public Affairs Division)
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