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National Sun Yat-sen University announces 2020 Outstanding Alumni Award recipients

(Provided by Alumni Service Center) National Sun Yat-sen University announced 2020 Outstanding Alumni Award recipients! The awardees are Jiranuwat Swaspitchayaskun – Associate Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Naresuan University, Thailand, Te-Ho Yen – Chairman of Yuen Chang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., Robert Hu – President of Anatek Enterprise Co., LTD, Chung-Hui Huang– Chairman of BABA BUSINESS, and Winston Lee – President of Taiwan Twine and Rope Co., Ltd. The 2020 Outstanding Alumni Award Ceremony is scheduled for November 14th.

Winner of the 2020 Outstanding Alumni Award in the category of Academic Excellence is Jiranuwat Swaspitchayaskun, a graduate of the master program at the Institute of Mainland China Studies (2007) and of the doctoral program at the Institute of China and Asia-Pacific Studies (2014). He now is the Associate Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Consultant to the University President for academic innovation at Naresuan University in Thailand. Swaspitchayaskun returned to Thailand to teach after obtaining the doctoral degree diploma from the Institute of China and Asia-Pacific Studies. His research interest is the culture of Taiwan and Thailand, he thus has engaged in the promotion of bilateral academic and cultural exchange and practical collaboration between the two countries. In 2017, Swaspitchayaskun led to NSYSU signing a partnership agreement with Naresuan University and encouraged Thai students to come to the University to study doctoral programs and take up Mandarin courses. In 2018, he assisted the Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand and Taiwan Education Center in Thailand to organize the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) at Naresuan University, which then became the first university in Thailand where the students can take both HSK and TOCFL.

The two recipients of the Outstanding Alumni Award in the category of business elite are the Chairman of Yuen Chang Stainless Steel Co. Te-Ho Yen and Robert Hu – President of Anatek Enterprise Co., LTD. Te-Ho Yen is a graduate of the EMBA program at the College of Management as of 2017. Yen established Yuen Chang Stainless Steel Co. from scratch in 1987, emphasizing the values of quality and integrity in the company’s motto. He obtained the Award for International Trade by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2007. Until today, he has been building up the stainless steel enterprise for over 30 years and expanded it overseas. Te-Ho Yen worked on its features, conducted the company transformation, development, and product diversification. He won the trust of clients and successfully listed the company’s shares on the stock exchange in 2016. Yen actively participated in business associations, occupying high positions in the Taiwan Federation of Industry and Kaohsiung County Industrial, and acting as a bridge between the industry and government agencies to improve the environment for investment and employment in the industry. Besides, he has been attentive to public affairs for many years and donated funds to the government’s relief subsidies and rural education. Yen also donated funds to his alma mater for the remodeling of the classrooms of the College of Management to provide a better study environment to the students.

Hsuan-Mao Robert Hu – President of Anatek Enterprise Co., LTD., is a BS graduate of the Department of Chemistry (1989). Hu established Anatek Enterprise in 1993, applied his knowledge in chemical technologies for environmental protection and focused on the sale of instruments. Hu worked hard for 26 years, and from 2011 to 2017 he invested 150 mln NTD in the development of volatile organic compounds (VOC) analytical instrument. In 2018, the company’s revenue reached nearly 1.1 bln NTD, making Anatek Enterprise the largest R&D producer of analytical instruments in Taiwan that also expanded to overseas markets. Rooted in Taiwan, having based the company in Kaohsiung, Hu has been steadily shaping the global market. In 2018 he established WD AgriTek, introducing modern agricultural technology from Denmark to develop smart agriculture. In 2019, Hu established Anatek Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd., and started producing water quality analytical instruments in Linguang Processing Zone. Hu spared no efforts to support the Department of Chemistry. He employed several NSYSU alumni, trained them for managerial positions, donated funds for scholarships, and implemented industry resources to build up students’ understanding of the industry. Hu cultivated the team spirit among the alumni to financially support the activities of the University, its societies, departments, and institutes.

The awardee in the category of social service is Chung-Hui Huang– Chairman of BABA BUSINESS and graduate of EMBA program (2013). Huang has been managing BABA BUSINESS since its establishment in 1988 when it started as a sales representative. Later on, he transformed the company, established a factory, and integrated upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors. In 2013 the enterprise became a listed company. Putting efforts into the growth of the related sectors resulted in a successful international structure. As the company achieved success, it did not forget its social responsibility: it established a charity fund for long-term support of the welfare of children and youth, the elderly, people with disabilities, and women, donating funds to philanthropic organizations and activities for social aid, community development, social work, and voluntary service. In addition, Huang is proud of being an NSYSU alumnus, he agrees with the vision of the University’s academic development, which includes the response to the healthcare needs of Southern Taiwan. He supported the establishment of the medical school by donating 200 mln NTD for the construction of the Renwu campus and encouraging more alumni and companies to inject funds into its development.

Outstanding alumnus in the category of culture and arts is Winston Lee, a graduate of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature of 1994, who is now the President of Taiwan Twine and Rope Co., Ltd., a professional producer of tuna fishing vessels and trawl lines for distant fishing with a domestic market share of 80%, who responds to the needs of the global market, providing trawls, fishing ropes, and lines. When he was a student, Lee participated in the Grand English Drama of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature. After achieving success in management and production, he has been donating funds to support the yearly performance of the Drama. Thanks to his generous support, the tradition of Grand English Drama could continue until now, helping enhance students’ English language abilities as well as cultivate their artistic spirit, and introducing Broadway musicals to the public.

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