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NSYSU ranks top for graduates’ leadership and adaptability according to the ranking by 104 Job Bank

One of the most popular job search websites in Taiwan, 104 Job Bank (www.104.com.tw), issued a report on university graduates’ employability (《104大學白皮書》). It conducted a professional adaptability test on 413,000 job applicants who graduated in the past 10 years (2011-2020) from 117 universities and issued a university ranking by graduates’ salary potential. National Sun Yat-sen University ranked first for graduates’ leadership and adaptability and among the top 5 for boldness and ambition.

Senior Vice CEO of 104 Job Bank and HR Director Weber Chung pointed out that the university and department do influence the graduate’s first three jobs or the first three years of one’s professional career, while personality traits influence 30 years of one’s professional career. Besides one’s innate tendencies, personality traits can be shaped by environmental and social factors. During their time at university, the students are imperceptibly influenced by the university’s atmosphere and study environment that shape their personality and enhance their future professional performance.

In 2015, the 104 Job Bank released a report revealing the secret of the highest-earning professionals. The 104 Job Bank collected data about the professional profile and salary of 476,000 job applicants’ and filtered out 5% highest-earning professionals. Basing on the attached report on personality traits, the survey identified five major personality traits of the highest-paid individuals: leadership, boldness, ambition, adaptability, and stress tolerance.

In the university ranking by salary potential, National Taiwan University ranks first for graduates’ ambition and among the top five in the other four categories. National Sun Yat-sen University, noted in the South of Taiwan for its humanities and business & management, ranked best for graduates’ leadership and adaptability and is among the top 5 for graduates’ boldness and ambition. National Chiao Tung University, which nurtured many tech entrepreneurs, ranked first for graduates’ boldness, and among the top five for graduates’ leadership, ambition, and adaptability. National Tsing Hua University, a cradle for technical professionals, ranked best for graduates’ stress tolerance, and among the top five for graduates’ boldness, ambition, and adaptability. National Taipei University of Technology is the only university of technology that entered the ranking and proved its good performance for graduates’ stress tolerance. As for universities of arts, National Taiwan University of Arts ranked 5th for graduates’ boldness.

The survey on professional adaptability by 104 Job Bank defines personality traits as follows:
Leadership traits: the eagerness to be the leader and willingness to take on responsibilities
Boldness: willingness to take risks and finding pleasure in uncertainty
Ambition: enthusiasm about competition and pursuance of success
Adaptability: the ability to adapt easily to the requirements of the environment
Stress tolerance: the ability to keep calm under pressure

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