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New gym on campus available for free tryout for NSYSU students and employees

(Provided by Physical and Health Division) Work out and boost your immunity! The new NSYSU Gym II, located on the northern side of the bleachers of the Athletic Field, offers a two-floor 150 m2 space, divided into three areas dedicated to cardio, weight training, and high-intensity functional training, and also includes showers and 63 machines of 38 different types. During the summer, there is a limited tryout program, while during the fall semester, the gym will be available for free to the teachers, staff, and students of the University upon showing their ID.

The old gym is on the 3rd floor of the Gymnasium and it is where physical education classes for first-year students and evening training sessions of the varsity teams take place. It is also open to the public and appreciated by local residents, students, teachers, and staff. Its old interiors and equipment had to be renovated to respond to the need for more diverse classes and an increasing number of users. The University has thus allocated funds to build a new gym.

The new gym space, with an area of 150 m2 on the first two floors of the building on the northern side of the bleachers by the Athletic Field used to be meant for table tennis training. The renovation started in November 2019 and after many amendments, it was finally open in August 2020. The proximity of the new NSYSU Gym to the sea raises the humidity in the building. If traditional clay bricks were used, the walls would get moldy during the rainy season, thus the inner walls were left “naked”, industrial-style and decorated with designer slogans and lights, in a neat and orderly style. The mirrors on the walls optically enlarge the space, perfectly matching the industrial style of the gym and its equipment.

Problems often faced by gyms, such as insufficient weights, narrow space between machines, lack of warmup and stretching area, bad acoustics, and lack of a clear workout plan, were taken into account when decorating the NSYSU Gym II, where the space between machines was made larger and the ceiling higher to avoid giving a sense of oppression and to offer a better experience for the users. The Physical and Health Division of the Office of Student Affairs said that the regulations of the new gym are the same as of the old gym. However, to maintain the new mats in good condition for a long time, the users are required to bring a pair of training shoes with clean soles to wear in the new NSYSU Gym II. The Physical and Health Division also asked the users to respect and use the new space and equipment properly and return the equipment to its place for the next user.

After the opening ceremony in September, the students and employees of the university can enter the new gym for free during the whole semester upon showing their ID at the entrance. Surrounded by the athletic field, swimming pool, and tennis court, the new gym will bring a new spirit of sport to the university and help the students take care of their health and improve their physical condition.

You can try out the new gym from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 14:15. Register online from 10:00 to 16:00 for the following working day; the registration is limited to 40 people per day. If the daily limit was reached, you can try the next day.

Registration form: https://forms.gle/E5VKxq93S52mPb3J7
More information (Chinese only): https://www.facebook.com/NSYSU.PHDivision/posts/3507290955949241

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