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Renovated Sun Yat-sen Hall is now open

The venue renovated to suit national-level standards is now open to host world-class art events. The official inauguration of the renovated Sun Yat-sen Hall, a venue for performing arts at National Sun Yat-sen University, was celebrated with laughter, sounds of music, and applause. The 15 x 15 m stage is comparable in size to the Chih-Te Hall of the Kaohsiung Cultural Center and it can fit an F-16! This time, a completely new perspective on acoustics design was adopted, providing a better quality of sound for the audience of the Hall. The seats feature five characters of the NSYSU acronym. In the future, the Hall is going to host more world-class performances and raise the standards and quality of art events in south Taiwan.

The Hall is one of the best major performance venues in south Taiwan. Severe damage brought by repeated typhoons caused the events to be suspended and the renovation project to be undertaken. The renovated equipment includes the stage screen, counterweight rigging system, house lights, follow spot, and new seats. Previously, excessive reverberation and imperfect sound quality affected the quality of the performances. The renovation project enhanced the resonance acoustics of the Hall.

Director of NSYSU Art Center Mei-Wen Lee said that the renovation project of the Sun Yat-sen Hall was entrusted to an architect who designed a professional stage for theatre, dance, and music performances, equipped with a counterweight rigging system, acoustic shells, all adherent to standards and regulations, and proper backstage space. What is surprising, the building itself was designed for good acoustics for best performance quality. Thus, the spacious stage and professional equipment can fulfill the high requirements of the performers as for the stage lighting, and produce extraordinary visual effects. A total of 1370 seats of the audience is distributed across three floors in cascades, without leaving any place left with bad visibility. The material of the seats is similar to that in the best venues in Taiwan, such as the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts - Weiwuying. What is more, seats of two different colors feature the NSYSU acronym. In the future, the Hall will be available for major musical events, performances of art groups, and irregularly organized academic lectures and international conferences.

Director Lee emphasized that Sun Yat-sen Hall was completed thanks to the assistance of several offices of the University, particularly the Office of General Affairs and that everybody has high expectations towards it. The renovation project was undertaken by the University to repair severe damage and was sponsored by over 150 alumni, faculty, staff, and community members. The Hall is to become an important spot on the artistic map of south Taiwan.

President Ying-Yao Cheng said that NSYSU is to celebrate its 40th anniversary this year and that the University still has many buildings difficult for maintenance. Sun Yat-sen Hall, damaged by typhoons in the past, was now reopened in an even more professional, and glowing version for everybody to enjoy. President Cheng thanked the team of the Office of General Affairs and the Art Center for their efforts and said he hopes that in the future, the stage of the Hall will welcome world’s best musicians and art groups for the University’s students, faculty, and staff, as well as the community of southern Taiwan to appreciate.

Senior Vice President of the University I-Yu Huang said that the renovation project
was not a smooth road; the design and realization of the vaulted ceiling were not easy and the suspended structure had to be both aesthetic and safe. What is more, the insufficient workforce was a cause of the delay of the construction, and the team had to put in efforts to overcome many other obstacles for a professional outcome. Vice President for General Affairs Yuan-Chung Lin said that the renovation of the Sun Yat-sen Hall has been through four Vice Presidents. The ceiling, interior design, fire safety, lighting, and the floor were all addressed by the renovation project. Vice President Lin thanked his colleagues for their efforts, essential for the completion of the project.
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