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Associate Professor Yung-Jr Hung of Department of Photonics was awarded Ta-You Wu Memorial Award, the highest recognition for young scholars

Associate Professor Yung-Jr Hung of the Department of Photonics at NSYSU was awarded the 2020 Ta-You Wu Memorial Award of the Ministry of Science and Technology. He specializes in the research of semiconductor optoelectronic devices, photonic integrated circuits, silicon photonics, holographic photonic crystals, photovoltaic cells, and fiber-optical communications. Associate Professor Hung established the Integrated Optoelectronic Device Laboratory at NSYSU since 2013. Associate Professor Hung’s team has cooperated with the R&D Department of the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), providing assistance and knowledge in the development of the first silicon photonics platform in Taiwan. The Joint Development Project (JDP) with TSMC now enters the 4th consecutive year. Two students from his team joined the R&D Department of the TSMC to continue working on the commercialization of silicon photonics after graduation.

In addition to cultivating professionals of the field, Associate Professor Hung, together with other professors of the Department, was granted the National Silicon Photonics Project from the Ministry of Science and Technology. The goal of this project is to develop silicon photonics gyroscope driver chip and miniaturized module for applications in high-resolution stabilization platform such as drones and unmanned aerial vehicles. This technology also finds great application markets in biomedical testing, autonomous vehicles, intelligent robots, aviation positioning systems, cubic satellites (CubeSat), and other miniaturized guidance and control systems.

Besides, Associate Professor Hung’s team developed a novel laser interference lithography system to create high quality grating structures over 3-inch wafer for semiconductor laser production. His advanced automatic grating mapping system also allows rapid extraction of grating parameters, greatly improving the efficiency of the production process and reducing the overall cost. Those two systems have been technologically transferred to the professional epiwafer foundry - Landmark Optoelectronics Corporation and are now important part of equipment in the production line.

The Ta-You Wu Memorial Award of the Ministry of Science and Technology was established to nurture young scholars, acknowledge their achievements and encourage the future academic elite of the country to invest in long-term academic research and to continue improving their academic performance. The Ministry of Science and Technology has been selecting award recipients from among the coordinators of thematic research projects under 42 years of age, with an outstanding research performance and holding positions of associate professor/associate researcher or lower.
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