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Student Dorm H of the Tsui Heng Villa renovated and reopened

The renovation of the Student Dorm H of the Tsui Heng Villa, NSYSU, was completed during summer holidays and celebrated with a re-opening ceremony. The six-floor dorm will host up to 724 female students, mostly undergraduate. President Ying-Yao Cheng hopes that in the future, the dorm can become a friendly place for the students to live, cook, study, and create together, and that the experience of living in the dorm will become a beautiful future memory.

President Cheng said that as the University is celebrating its 40th anniversary, many buildings on campus will need renovation. This most recent renovation of the Dorm H set a new model. The renovation was possible thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication of the staff of the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of General Affairs, the architect’s skills and contractors’ full commitment – they prepared the materials beforehand and completed the project as scheduled, within two months of summer vacations.

The Office of Student Affairs said that the Student Dorm H of the Tsui Heng Villa was built in 1991 and partially renovated in 2011; because the decor and equipment was already old and worn out, the University conducted a comprehensive renovation of the building and replaced its equipment. In line with its policy on green energy and carbon emissions reduction, the University replaced the old equipment, changed the water boiling system to air source heat pump and solar water-heating system, so as to enhance the living environment of the dorm and provide better accommodation quality for the students.

Just when it was established, the University would build large student dorms for the students to experience living in a collective housing unit and study independently. At present, there are 13 student dorms with a total of 4151 beds; first- and second-year undergraduate students are guaranteed accommodation in the dorms. Because of the University’s particular geographic location in between the sea and the mountains, the degree of damage to the buildings is much higher than in average urban areas and this makes regular partial renovations and maintenance insufficient. To enhance students’ living environment, the University has been continuously investing efforts and financial resources in the renovation of the buildings A-H of the Tsui Heng Villa and 1-4 of the Wuling Villa year by year.

In order to extend the teaching objectives and turn the dorm into a space for cross-disciplinary studies, collaboration and co-creation, through the dorm renovation project and by engaging students in co-learning credit courses, the University has been striving to improve the quality of the basic facilities and common space in the dorms, foster the interaction between the students, awaken students’ creative spirit, and create a good environment for studying and living.

Among the attendees of the re-opening ceremony were: University President Ying-Yao Cheng, Senior Vice President of the University I-Yu Huang, Vice President for Academic Affairs Ching-Li Yang, Vice President for General Affairs Yuan-Chung Lin, Director of the Dorm Service Center Chi-Lun Huang, CEO of the Chuan Mai Co., Ltd. Hsiu-Lien Yen, Yu-Min Huang – architect of Liusheng Architects, President of NSYSU Student Association Tzu-Sheng Lin, Deputy Chairperson of the NSYSU Student Dormitory Autonomous Committee Yu-Hao Lu, and representative of the students Chun Chiang.
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