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Creative representations of University motifs showcased during administrative managers’ retreat

Before the start of the new academic year, the administrative managers of the University gathered in Miaoli, a city in north-west Taiwan, to attend a retreat organized by the Office of Secretariat. The leading theme of the retreat was creative representations of the University motifs: the 101 cm miniature of the University stele, bricks engraved with names of colleges and administrative units and arranged to form two characters of the University’s name – “中山” (the University’s full name: 國立中山大學). This installation was not only eye-catching but also reflected the unfading spirit of the University.

Various brick art installations representing the motifs of the University were displayed during the camp. The most eye-catching installation was the 1:20 scale model of the University stele (the original stele by the entrance to the campus is 21.2 m high), hand made with tiny bricks, featuring the university’s logo, its name in Chinese, and decorative lights. The foundation of the stele resembles the Sizihwan bay viewing platform and features marine animals. The Office of Secretariat said that the stele symbolizes the University’s spirit and hoped that the University can continue to play the role of a professional hub for creativity and education.

Each brick of the installation representing the characters “中山” weighed 1.8 kg. On the bricks were engraved couplets celebrating the University’s 40th anniversary and the motto reflecting the University management concept by President Ying-Yao Cheng - “envision the future, dare to dream”. Besides the names of the University’s seven colleges, the name of the soon-to-be established College of Medicine was added to emphasize the University’s dreams, aspirations, and determination. The bottom was made of acrylic and filled with sand and models of marine animals to accentuate the features of the University’s geographical location.

Next to the reception of the camp were bricks arranged in the shape of a heart, with the abbreviation of the University’s name – NSYSU inscribed, and decorated with shells on an ocean blue background. The stage was flanked with couplets conveying the spirit of the retreat.

Each seat had the name of the administrative staff member written on a 0.4 kg brick and a heart engraved on the back to symbolize ‘concentration’ (‘brick’ zhuān and ‘heart’ xīn sound like ‘concentration’ zhuānxīn in Chinese). On spot, there were also bricks decorated with calligraphy by the University President. This creative exhibition is expected to shape the staff’s vision for the future of the University.
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